Saturday, February 27, 2010

Legs Do it: Hip to be...

Hello blog world!! I normally don't post on the weekend, but I wanted to let you know what I am doing for the last 2 days of my Legs Do it Challenge!!

Saturday= Stretching
Today, since it is GORGEOUS outside, I am heading out for a run (go cardio, go!) with my sweet Jacket from my Monster Dash half marathon, you can read the recap here!

Then when I get home I am tackling some serious stretching for runners, specifically my hips here at Yoga Download. It's Hip Opening Flow #4 with some gentle poses like these:

I am so grateful for being able to do yoga at my house any time with sites like and Yoga Download!! It makes it convenient and simple, especially when your a little new to yoga like I am!!

Sunday will be the last day in the challenge, at least officially, I hope you continue to challenge yourself and push to better yourself and your fitness! Remember:

There is no finish line!

I am doing Body Pump for Strengthening and because I have a serious love affair with it!
I would like to think I look like this when I do Body Pump:

But alas, I look more like this:

I am happy that I am at least doing it!! Knowing that you guys are reading and seeing what I am doing for the Legs Do it Challenge has really helped me stay on track and stay positive, so no matter what I look like when I am doing it, I am doing it and that's what matters!!

Congrats for following through on this challenge and all the other ones that are out there!! Happy Saturday and I hope you have a beautiful weekend and a great start to your week!

Here is a little guy who has a leg challenge of his own.
Aw, I iz in luv with puppy pirate!

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