Sunday, February 28, 2010

Minneapolis Blogger Meet-up Recap

Saturday was a healthy blogger meet-up at The Beat Coffee House in Minneapolis.

Thank you SO much to Jen over at Prior Fat Girl for organizing it! I was nervous about meeting all these new people-- there were close to 40 women who came! Most were bloggers, a few readers, all wonderful women, all sharing their stories and all on a journey.

I came away feeling renewed and inspired by the great people I met!

At my table were Jenny, Audry and Ann who writes over here

Also at my table was Megan who I had met the day before for lunch! She is a reader who found me through Healthy Tipping Point and was happy to see I was local! It was the first time meeting a reader for me and she is super cool!

It was a beautiful day, with great coffee, great gals and the sun shining in!

Amanda from Another Prior Fat Girl spoke about her journey--
Love that shirt Amanda!

Lindsay from Another Prior Fat Girl talked about her journey as well. Everyone in the room could relate to a portion of all they said.

Both of these blogs were take off's from the original Prior Fat Girl Jennifer.
She is A-Maze-ing. She claims she is not a public speaker, but I think otherwise!!

As I was taking photo's and listening away, I had a blueberry scone and some french press coffee!

Next up was some activities! Jen had us each take an index card and write out one of our fears, anonymously. They were piled on a table in the front and each table came up front so every girl could read a card to the group.

It was a wonderful exercise & even though I read what someone else wrote, that fear had been present in my journey at some point. It goes to show, we are all more alike than we think!

Mpls bloggers Melissa, Cindy, Alexa and Sarah read our fears!

Why am I looking down? Hmm..

Next on the agenda was writing a letter to ourselves and where we are now on our journey and then in 6 months Jen is going to mail them to us! Wow, what a powerful exercise! I could have written much more, but just gushed a lot of encouragement and some goals that I am working on now, so in 6 months I can see, yes, how far I have come!!

Met these completely kindred spirits Samantha and Cindy

Finally got to MEET the wonderful gals: Amanda from Another Prior Fat Girl

And Jen the hostess with the most!!

Then, we were sent home with a big bag of goodies and samples and COUPONS (yippie!) from the sponsors of the event! I can't wait to dig into all the goodies in there and try new things!

Smart Food
Barney Butter (LOVE the squeezable packs!)
Funky Monkey
Mom's Best Naturals
Better Balance
Light life
Fiber One
Amy's Organic's
Saiba Smart
& Orgain!!

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