Monday, March 1, 2010

My Big Leap of Faith: Changing Careers

Ok, here's my big leap of faith! I am changing careers! It's been a long road, one that I have had a vision for, for quite a while. I took steps to start down my road about 2 years ago, but did not move forward all the way. This time I am not discouraged or derailed and I have put actions behind my dream!

I gave notice at my current, stable gig to move into what feels like the unknown. I can see there are possibilities and opportunities in every person, situation and in every moment! I will be able to talk more in-depth about the process as I actually move more into it-- right now I am taking things step by step. BUT my initial Leap of Faith was met with resounding support!
I had been thinking about how to move toward my dream I had been carrying around for 2 years. I started by putting some logical stuff in place: finances, possible paths, a class to help me prepare. Little by little I lined things up with my planning and preparation. With each little prompting from God, I would wait to see what doors he opened then I would move forward through the door.

Then came the point where everything had added up, all my praying, planning and prep was at a tipping point and I actually had to make the official decision to move from a place I had been for years: behind a desk. I have worked in many offices: a marketing assistant, receptionist, associate publicist, customer service phone rep... and so on and so forth. These were never really a career for me, but my dream is a career and in the complete opposite direction of working 9-5 behind a desk.

Administrative Mary from 4 years ago!

Four days after giving notice at a great, stable, administrative gig with nothing solid on the horizon but my little plan, my baby steps in the direction I wanted to go, and a still small voice that was prompting me to move, I was met with a great big Yes from the man upstairs! (I will write more later on this!) There is nothing like having your own Leap of Faith affirmed by the God you are placing your faith in!

I am so excited about my life change and career move. Some people might think I am crazy, in this world of people losing their jobs, getting laid off, and I walk away from one job to go after my dream? I think not! I am single, no kids, no house, just me and the kitties on this little adventure, so there is NO better time to do it. Besides, I believe that God is my source, not my bank account, not the economy. God's not struggling or in a recession. And I know I am following his voice through this!

Will it be hard? Maybe!
Am I scared? No! I am surprisingly at peace and excited!
Why did I wait? A number of fears held me in a static place for a long while, when I tried to start this before, I had just quit drinking and was in a strained place.
What made me start on my path? A lot of factors came into play. One was that I felt an urgency to not waste my time outside my calling anymore. I knew I was to make this change and couldn't ignore it. Also, I wanted to do something everyday that really resounded with who I am:

Someone who helps other
someone who enjoys every day
someone who makes a difference
I want to be who I have ALWAYS been! ME!

Professional coffee drinker me--I wish!

I am sure I will write tons more on this over the next few months as I dive into it headfirst!

What am I going to do? What is my new Career? Well, I am moving into a place that I have talked about a little bit before (one announcement a long time ago) and will be able to tell you more info and exactly what I am doing-- but not quite yet! I am going to use a dash of discretion and see where my feet land, then spill.

THANKS for listening, I could really use your happy, fuzzy thoughts this week especially as I have a big day coming up!

AND watch Wednesday for a giveaway to go along with my Big Leap of Faith!!

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