Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Restore: holistic healing event

I love that the human body is designed to be adjusted, mended, manipulated and just plain fixed and steered back into the direction of a healthy, optimal state.  The more I learn about the body and methods of holistic care, the more I am astounded and in awe of it! 

I think a lot of people who share my faith may look down on holistic methods, but I see them as a sweet extension of the creators way he intended our bodies to be! We are like self cleaning ovens, but few too many people know it!

On March 7th, I had the chance to attend Restore, a holistic healing conference at The Depot in Minneapolis. It was a day of free seminars, free samples, giveaways, WONDERFUL free healthy food and valuable information on how our bodies can function as one with our mind.  

Webster defines holistic as: Relating to wholes or with complete systems rather than with the analysis of, treatment of, or dissection into parts. Holistic medicine attempts to treat both the mind and the body. 

Our mind and body work together to help create total health and wellness. I blogged about that a while back here in my post Wellness and Fitness.  At the same time, one part of our body can be directly affecting another part or many. If one area is out of balance, the whole system gets off.  Everyone from Chiropractors, reflexologists, massage therapists and even dentists were there! 

The day started first thing with a Gyrokensis workshop lead by Christian, owner of Awaken Pilates
It is a system of exercise and movement that aims to create space and fluidity with our body, specifically joints and the spine. I was invited to Awaken earlier this year and talked about my experience in this post.  I feel it strengthens and lengthens the total body more than yoga, because you are moving through the poses in one constant motion. 

Hm... there were a lot of very interesting things to see at the Restore event. I have to say, I did NOT attend the workshop below.  

I did try acupuncture for the first time! Luckily, I am healthy and don't have any prominent concerns for the doctor to treat specifically, so he hit about 7 key points to do what he called a kind of body "re-boot". I felt really good afterwards, but there were so many things that I tried during the day that it is hard to pinpoint which did what!  


Christa, Mary and Jenna at Restore! 

I was thrilled to meet Mary Langfield (center) who I had been acquainted with through other Minneapolis bloggers and twitter!  She is a certified holistic health coach and you can check out her website HERE! She also blogs at Mulberry Mary. I am planning on attending one of her upcoming lectures call Sweet Nothings as she talks about hidden sugars! 

As the fates would have it, she is friends with my friend Christa, it's a really small world! 


There was complimentary food all day and a great lunch of black bean burgers, humus, pita chips and salsa. 

I got to try other wonderful products as well through out the day like Coconut Bliss Vegan, soy, dairy and gluten free ice cream. It was fantastic, I tried 2 flavors: chocolate and Naked Coconut and they were both rich and creamy and you could not tell they were non-dairy. 

I tried the Original Chi Machine and the "hot house" domes that came down over you. Heat therapy can enhance the immune system, increase blood flow and relieve aches and pains as it eliminates toxins. To try the Chi and hot house together was about a two hour wait but it was worth it, I would buy this set up in a second if I could. It is also supposed to be wonderfully beneficial to people living with Fibromyalgia since the infrared of the hot house domes can penetrate deep into the muscle tissue. Mom, I would get this for YOU!  

It was relaxing beyond compare, I  could have fallen asleep. 

Next week I am going to use a coupon I snagged for some discounted acupuncture, I am going to see if they can make me run faster or find a hubby. I will report back if either works. 

Do you practice any holistic methods?  Do you believe our bodies were MADE to be fixed up naturally or heal themselves? 

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