Friday, March 19, 2010

Purging/Spending Goal Recap

Back in January, I wrote a post about purging my over flowing closet of things I didn't wear or that were not necessary! It was the second time in about 4 months that I got rid of overflowing bags of clothes, shoes and that time, household goods. 

One thing I said at the bottom of the post was that I wanted to wait till my March birthday to buy ANYTHING else and I wanted to use my store credit where I sold my other threads to get a birthday outfit. 

Did I do it? 

Not really, but I came DARN tootin' close! 

Between the post and my birthday I bought: 
A black tank ($4.00 clearance, a must)
A clearance bra ($2.49 --hello!)
A clearance top (8$ target` boutique) for Valentines Day since I don't have a BF to spend on! 
6 new bowls and curtains from the thrift store (together these totaled 5 dollars!!)

the new curtains bring out the smidge green in my duvet 

The bowls are vintage with leaves and pine cones, 6 for 3$

Total: $19.50 plus tax and in my book, I call that success! 

I headed Uptown Minneapolis to spend these store credit vouchers that had been burning a hole in my wallet since the post. They were designated especially for a birthday outfit splurge and I was determined not to spend it all! 

Everyday People is a great second hand store. They carry current trends, great quality items and are reasonably priced! 


I got three tops, all very different styles for different purposes! 

The Banana Republic navy ruffled tank for business casual, the rose silk blouse for those wonderful Minnesota early summer days and a bright red, cowl neck sweatshirt with a rainbow on it that says "Lovin' Life". There was NO better birthday shirt than that!! 


I also picked up a smashing pink leather bag, I figured that it's large enough to carry my planner, wallet, lunch and a few client files if need be when I get a job as a trainer! 
In the meantime I just look fabulous carrying it. 

I took Loser Girl Jess up on her advice and after my purge, turned all my hangers facing the opposite way. Now, I can see what I haven't worn since January. Much of them are spring items which I am already plotting to wear, but some of the in season items are going to be headed out the door from simply not being used! I already have a bag started and will let you know when I plan to do another "waiting to buy an outfit goal". 

Do you guys sell your old clothes or just donate them? Do you like to shop as much as I do and if you do, how do YOU cut back on it? 

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