Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Road Trip Indulgences

This past weekend I took a mini road trip with my friends from In The Cinema, a folk-tronic band from Minneapolis! The band is two brothers and they were playing a show in Chicago and were only going to be gone 2 days, so I tagged along! 

The trip started with a big coffee and the best intentions for snacking and eating healthy! We all brought a bag of food to save cash on the trip and to keep from eating fast food--it worked! We snacked on:

dried apricots
mini baguette
a kind bar (for me!)
trail mix and
 honey pistachio energy bars from the co-op! 

After my coffee, I had some Kefir which I love!! 

There was a lot of music listening in the car and I have a big long list of new bands to check out, Ryan and Joe have great taste in music. Me? I could use some work! 

Healthy snacking got a bit derailed when Ryan busted out his oatmeal, cranberry white chocolate cookies!!! They tasted like a bakery made them, so jealous of his culinary skills!! 
I had a few...over the course of the 2 day trip of course!! 

In my little cave of the back seat! Surrounded by the snack bags, a bass drum, my books and purse! 

One indulgence for me on road trips is to buy the coolest lottery ticket I can find and see if luck will be a lady for me and bring a WIN! It hasn't yet, but for a dollar per road trip, it's not bad odds. Besides, who could turn down a chance to play BEDAZZLED! Fresh! 

I did start using a new food and fitness journal the day we took off on the trip, it is a very cool combination of short self- help daily readings on health, wellness and food on one side and then a food and fitness tracking page on the other side (blog review forthcoming!).  I really liked the reading that I found on the second day about Wellness being a road trip!  

I will admit that the wellness on my road trip slipped a bit more when I took part in a "snack stick". Seriously, they aren't even called meat or beef sticks, they were labeled SNACK STICK. ICK. But I had 3 over the two day trip, I am sucker for "meat products" and it is not always a proud admittance for me. :P

We made it to the club and ate at a little joint called the Heartland Cafe serving organic eats! I had a grilled cheese sandwich, sweet potato fries and some fresh oysters!! All the pics of my food were too dim to post, sorry. Here is a sweet, artsy-fartsy shot of the boys under the L. 

Joe and Ryan in the Heartland Cafe!

I like to disconnect like this every now and again, it was so much fun to hang out with the boys all weekend and see them play in a new city! Getting away for a while always helps me feel refreshed and ready to tackle life with a new perspective! 

Where is your favorite place to go on road trips, long ones or short ones ?
I even like heading an hour south to my Mom's for the weekend, a break is a break!  

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