Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bloggers at the Gym

I have great NEWS!!! 

First of all, I did my nails, so they are shiny and pretty again, so when I post pictures of me holding food or pointing randomly at something you don't have to look at my whacked-out-chipped-up nails.  

Yep, that's good grooming! 

SECOND Piece of GOOD news is: I have officially been hired to teach group fitness at a still unnamed Gym! (sorry for privacy reasons, I am not going to name the gym on the blog, some of you know or can figure it out, but I am not going to name it.) That means better grooming all around for this Fit girl, I am pretty low maintenance. Painting, shaving, flossing, glossing etc...are all in my future a lot more than usual! 


Just this week, I posted about my fear of auditioning for the position and failing. That post is here: To Try or Not to Try...   Well, I tried (it took two auditions) and I did NOT fail, I was met with success in the form of 2 slots to teach an aerobic/resistance training workout! 

Third Piece of good News: 

Alexa, Meghan (who teaches the fab class and told me to apply!) and Jen were at the Gym when I went Friday night! There is nothing better than seeing a bunch of beautiful Minneapolis bloggers and fab fit gals in one room. Twas almost too much for the class to handle! 

The Fab Four at the Gym! 
It was a Good Friday... pun intended. 

OH! Last piece of Good News is just that --THE Good News! Happy Easter yo, Christ rose from the dead so we can have a full, happy and eternal life loving Him and being loved by Him. 

Now go have a great Saturday and a Great Easter Weekend!! 

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