Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The first half of the year

I have run the Get in Gear 5k twice and the 10K once, but this year is the FIRST Get in Gear Half Marathon and it will be my first half of 2010! I have a number of half marathon's planned, but already foresee some changes in my original race plans for 2010

I am excited for the Get in Gear because it is in one of the most beautiful parts of Minneapolis, near Minnehaha Falls. The park area over looks the Mississippi River and is one of the oldest parks in the city! It is 193 acres and the Falls themselves are 53 feet! There are limestone bluffs and oak, elm, silver maple and cotton wood trees! 

These are the falls! 

My new bloggy friend Meghan and I went this past weekend and ran her 10k course with a group doing a preview run. It was a beautiful day for the run and it was a great pace too! 

A beautiful view of the Mississippi! 

Over the river we go! I am too excited for as early as it is! 

Meghan and I made sure to rehydrate with water AND coffee when we finished! 

I am anticipating this half to be a lot like my first one, The Monster Dash I raced in October, in that my times should be really solid.  I am expecting it to be vastly different than my first one also because I although I have been running and can easily do seven miles, have just this past week, officially started a training plan. So, I expect my mile times to be nice and solid, I do not have a time goal, I just want to finish and feel great! 

I missed my February and March races, so this is my first of the Spring, I am just looking to get my feet wet on the double digit distances again and have fun! 

This is why I am adding mile repeats to my workouts and in addition to tempo runs! 

Have you ever done a preview run of a race? With a group or on your own?? I like it, that way there are few surprises on race day! 

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