Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Getting the Bike out!

Today is a beautiful day!! It's sunny and 53 and I have been inside all morning at my second internship location! Woot! Only 15 hours left till I am through. I had an apple on my way home to tide me over till I could come home and have a late lunch.

On my way home I took in the beauty of spring, the warm breeze, the flowers and tree's budding, the bikes out! So, I decided to get my bike ready for riding! 

Spring and bikes in my hood! 

This is Mury (or brand name Murray), my fushia 10 speed I LOVE. 

She's pretty much been hanging out here in my living room and bedroom for the winter ( I have 2 other bikes in storage, I need to pull out!) but it's time to get her out on the road! 

Walking, biking and busing are my main modes of transportation! I don't own a car, but use a car sharing program in my city. I love the mobility and flexibility I have with my situation and particularly like that I can be active and fit with my transportation! 

Mury needs a few things tuned before she's road ready. 
I know she needs a little air, can you see her back tire is a bit low? 

To tune up your bike for the season: 

Check both tires- add air as needed
Lube it up with Tri-flow: Chain, gears and pedals
Check the breaks
Adjust the seat and handle bars
Check all the bolts 
Wipe it down and take it for a spin around the block, checking all the gears! 

I went to my bike and skates storage bin and got the goods. 

Air pump, lube and tire tool-check! I carry the tire tool and patch kit with me when I ride! 

After lubing the chain, spin it to distribute the lube. 

It doesn't take more than an few hours to take a bike maintenance class, I took one last spring where I learned a number of vital tools and all of which I can do with the right tool, by myself:

Change tires
adjust brakes
replace brake pads
true your tires
break your chain and repair it
greasing your hubs and a lot more! 

Check out this website with an instructional video on all the little things you can do to tune your bike up for the season and get riding! Have a great Spring Wednesday! 

What do you love most about Spring?? Do you ride a bike for fitness or for transportation? 

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