Thursday, April 8, 2010

Water, Sleep, Repeat

Have you guys noticed that I struggle with my sleep habits? Well, I do! I am such a night owl, but REALLY want to be a morning person! Well, I am going to try a few things surrounding my sleep habits and water intake for me to add to my new "schedules" I am working on keeping! 

The first three: Vitamin D, Chia and Green Monsters are going really well! I feel great and have more energy! I actually feel like my recovery from workouts is quicker and easier as well.  

Well, my next two items should help me keep on a number of schedules! 
The first is sleep.  I blogged about trying to make for an early bed time here, in November: 21 Days to Form a habit.  I fell out of the habit apparently and need to get back into it!

I was going to: Use my sleep mask, Listen to relaxing music and have calming tea to create a great atmosphere for sleep.  These are great tools to use and work well. BUT NOT if you go to bed too late to begin with!! 

Sleep is SO essential to wellness. Getting an adequate number of hours of sleep, uninterrupted sleep, so you can reach your REM stages is essential. Sleep cycles are 90 min long with the REM cycles taking place at the later stages. You can read some interesting sleep info here and here!

 Personally I have a tendency to stay up late, but then struggle to get up early like I want! I have heard that the whole "hours before Midnight" is kind of a fable, that it doesn't really matter when you get the sleep, that 8 hours is 8 hours. But it's not 8 hours if you hit the hay at 2 and try to get up at 6 or 7am!! 

SO I am instituting a 3 hour change. 
10 pm LATEST. Which looking at my cellphone means now for me. EEP!

My thinking is, anything I can get done between 10pm and 1 am, I can do between 5:30am and 8am! 
I can't be loud in my place during either of those times. I can be online or read or clean during either time. I am actually more prone to get up and workout, say go for an early morning run than I am to head out into my hood at 12:30am for few midnight miles. 

I am going to be accountable in my food and fitness journal with my 3 hour sleep change and see how well I do. I am also going to track the second change I am talking about tonight and that is drinking water FIRST thing in the morning.

TWO of these babies! 

My glasses are about 8-10 ounces and I have been drinking two first thing in the morning. 
It helps to jump start my day and my system. Not only does water flush toxins from your body, but it can boost your energy and ready your body to take in all the day's nutrients!  

  • Women need about 3.7 liters of water a day
  • Men need about 2.7 
  • If you are exercising you may need more than recommended
  • You can get some water from food and other beverages, but NOTHIN' beats the real thing
  • Being properly hydrated has been shown to help: sleep, digestion, mood and metabolism! 

I LOVE coffee and I am sure you guys know that if allowed I drink it all morning. Sometimes I don't get water in my system till lunch or after! BUMMER! But this way, I get 20 oz or so in my system without even thinking about it. For me, if I have water, I WANT water. 

If I don't have it, I don't think about it till I am thirsty for it and if you experience thirst, you are already overly dehydrated.  

Water, water everywhere for my early mornings... 
Thanks for listening to all my little goals, plans and quirks. I know a few of you out there dig these kinds of posts! 

What do you struggle over and over with, constantly having to reevaluate goals and set reminders for? These two are my BIG ones. Water, Sleep, repeat....

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