Saturday, April 10, 2010

Midtown Greenway Entry Points!

If you're from the area or visiting and are wondering where you can access the Midtown Greenway, here are a list of the entry points! The Chicago Avenue entry is right behind the Midtown Global Market where you can get amazing food and treats from many ethnicities!! Check their fresh fish, meat and fruit markets on your ride!

Here is a link to the city site where you can learn more about the Greenway.

The Midtown Greenway has 35 access points. You can use most of them while riding your bike. Please walk or carry your bike wherever there are stairways or wood chip paths.

  • Southwest LRT Trail (via St. Louis Park)
  • 31st Street/Chowen Avenue
  • Kenilworth Trail
  • Calhoun Village
  • Dean Parkway
  • Calhoun Parkway
  • James Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Irving Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Humboldt Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Bryant Avenue West
  • Bryant Avenue East
  • Vera’s Garden (Wood Chip Path—Use Caution)
  • Soo Line Garden (Wood Chip Path—Use Caution)
  • Nicollet Avenue
  • 5th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Park Avenue
  • Columbus Avenue (Stairway)
  • Chicago Avenue (Stairway)
  • 13th Avenue
  • Bloomington Avenue (Stairway)
  • 18th Avenue
  • 28th Street
  • 20th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 21st Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Hiawatha Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Light Rail Trail
  • Minnehaha Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 26th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 27th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 29th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • 30th Avenue (At-Grade Crossing)
  • Anne Sullivan School
  • Brackett Park
  • Dorman Avenue (Stairway)
  • West River Parkway (At-Grade Crossing)

HAPPY running, riding, walking and skating! 

Do it, do it right, do it right now!

 Congrats to the Fit Sok winners:  Sunfloweramos, Angela and Karen! If we haven't already talked, send me an email with your address and I will send you your new socks! 

Have you ever jump into a race, a project or a recipe unprepared?? 

I have. 

My enthusiasm for getting started on projects and jumping into things is not a weakness but a strength. I want to dig in and get started, the sooner I start the sooner I will see my end result. I want to get to the meat of the project, the runners high of the race, but if I don't prepare to tackle my projects, races, recipes, blog posts, articles etc the RIGHT way, it won't matter how many projects I start, it will be more work in the long run.  

This past weekend my Mom was helping me hang my new curtains. They were 2 dollars per panel at the thrift store and beautiful. I didn't want to spend money on an expensive rod, but wanted them to hang correctly too! The OLD Mary would have cut holes in the back of the panels and slide a flimsy bar through in hopes they would hang and not fall. The OLD Mary would have done it fast, get it done in 10 min and move on to something else. The NEW Mary, called Mom who used to work in the drapery department of  JC Penny's and she brought up all her gear and a correct rod to hang them. 

It took us three hours. 
Mom said that isn't too bad. 

But we did it right. We ironed them first (I would have NEVER done that!) We hung the rod, made sure it was secure, then put the curtains up. They hang right, I didn't rig anything, they look fantastic and I can open and close them the right way.  


they look SO adult! 

All my life, I have not wanted to do things the "right" way, I want to do them the fast way, the quickest way to the finished product. But I have learned that you can't cut corners and if you want to do things WELL, you have to have patience:

Losing weight: The best way to lose weight is to do it the right way. You may see some pounds drop with quick fix or fad diet, but for a life-long change and lifestyle to stick it has to be done as a steady and right. After all, none of us gained our excess over night and it won't come off that way. Take the steps to lose it the right way and it will last.

Training for a long race: I have my second half marathon coming up at the end of the month. Just because I have done one before, doesn't mean I can lace up and go do this one without doing it the right way. I have to train, gradually adding miles, eat right, sleep right and practice, you have to go through the steps, process is so important to lasting success.  Jumping into a race like that without doing it right would result in injury. 

Changing our habits: I am the queen of always working on my habits. And although they may stick for a while: a week, a month even a few years, but when I fall out of the habits, it's because somewhere along the way, I failed to prep or cut corners. If I don't fill a water bottle and take it with me in the morning, I am not going to stick with my habit of drinking water. 

Eating right: To eat right, we need to prep! To prep, we need to plan meals, make time to get to the grocery store and have the diligence to use the food we buy and not just shove it off and hit the drive through. You can't eat right if we don't plan, prep and then stick to it. 

Starting a project: Do I want to ruin the curtains, no matter how cheap, by cutting holes in the back and  not using the right kind of rod? It would get them up quick, it wouldn't look nice and chances are they would fall and not be able to be put back up correctly. I had to evaluate what I needed, wait for Mom to come up with the right tools and then patiently go through the process. Make a list of what you need, see the big picture first and then move forward with your first step!  

I know it's kind of a long post, will a lot of info we probably already know. But over the past 5 or 6 years, I have changed from Old Mary who saw no purpose in the journey, and took no pride in really doing things right, to New Mary who wants to plan and do things the best way I can-- big or little!  

Do you lose patience with your journey? 
Do you jump into things head first before thinking them through? Or are you changing how you work? 

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