Sunday, April 11, 2010

A long run, a fall and some therapy

Today I did a long run in prep for my upcoming April 24th Get in Gear Inaugural Half Marathon!  This is only my second half marathon, the first was my Monster Dash half you can read about here. While I want to do well, I am not going to have a time goal, I just want to feel good and finish. I would like to ideally finish in the same time or less (if I can) in comparison to my Monster, but if I don't, not a big deal. 

Today I ran 3 of the Minneapolis lakes! Counting running from my house and back it was 11.35 miles! I felt good nearly the whole way and I was confident too: 

I had a great breakfast: toast with cashew butter, chia and agave and about 2 slices of apple!

I brought some snacks and ate about half, I am a big eater when I run! 

And a rocked a sweet visor and braid. Puurty confident. 

Here is a beach at Lake Harriet, you can see downtown in the background. I LOVE being in the city, but sometimes wish I could run in the woods or out in the country like when I was in high school. 

Around mile seven or so, I was running along side the path and looking at the lake when I hit a tree root and went flying. I only scraped up my arm a tiny bit, but I was a little shaken! I was not going to let some tree root ruin my run! 

At mile ten, I kicked off my shoes and ran barefoot in the grass (and a bit on the asphalt trail). It felt great, but I could tell that my ankles and toes were working harder than they have had to before! I was also going a little slower too because my feet are of course, white vulnerable little Minnesota feet with no tolerance for trails. That will change. 

A note on following the training plan: 
I wanted to say a word on my performance that I noticed during today's run versus other similar runs and in light of my first half, the Monster Dash. 
I felt good today, light, quick and felt like my legs could carry me farther and faster than even my breathing could keep up. Still my time was slower than I thought it would be, based on my previous half marathon time and on my time for the 2006 TC ten mile. 

Here is the difference: 
I have followed the training plan for only 5 weeks prior to the April 24th race, not the 12 weeks it calls for. Although I am able to run the distance, the other essential runs to prepare for speed and endurance are not at an optimal level yet.  

I blogged here about 4 vital runs that every runner should do to work at their best level. I have two more weeks to try and pick up the pace and really follow the training plan! I am taking the 400 and 800 meter speed work and turning it into mile repeats!  

After my run, I met my friend Cindy who blogs over at Healthy Heart Journey and we did a little shopping therapy! 

We tried on clothes and had some good laughs... 

Cindy (and now you guys) get to see how I try on clothes, er dresses mostly! I HATE taking my shoes off just to try a dress on, so I usually just drop my pants and see how it fits!! After all, no one has to see  but me in the dressing room or the friend I am with. And now all of you get to! Cindy and I decided this was very blog worthy, we had a good laugh at this. 

Then we went to The Wedge Co-op and got smoothies to refuel from our afternoon of walking and shopping! 

The Ruby Slipper: Apples, raspberries and banana's (I am pretty sure!) 

I also picked up some Epsom Salt in bulk, I think I will be needing that tonight!! 

Do you do all the runs on your training plan? Have you noticed a difference when you skimp on the speed work. I really heart speed work....I heart the results. :) 

Have a great start to your week!! 

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