Monday, April 12, 2010

3 fastest miles Evah!

I decided to run Mile repeats as part of my speed work, interval training for my April 24th Half Marathon! I don't like doing speed work, but like I said yesterday in my post, I like the difference that it makes in my times, it really works. 

Last Monday I ran four single miles as "fast as I could" which is of course relative. Since I usually run much farther, I need to constantly be reminding myself to push it, the end is closer than I feel it is. The other reason I don't do as well as I could as I dislike (or have in the past) short distances, like those under 2 miles. I get all cranky about having to push it for a mile, so I don't try as hard as I could, or I get to the end and realize I could have tried much harder. I need to learn to suck it up. 

Monday the 5th I ran four single miles with 2:30 to 3:00 rest in between here are my times*: 
  • 7:41 (HOLY Guacamole!)
  • 8:10
  • 8:19
  • 8:14

* I am not a huge time stickler, but hard data like this is the easiest way to gauge results

I felt really good about these times, they are nice and fast for me, the first being very fast. But the 30 second difference between the first and second mile time, shows how much going that fast took out of me and I didn't go as hard the next three miles.

Today, Monday the 12th I ran 5 single mile repeats despite the fact that yesterday was my long run. I probably could have used a rest day, but in all honesty, I have group fitness the next 2 days and didn't want to fatigue my legs by running the same day.  So, today it was.

I also took my new shoes for a test drive: 

They are part of a move in my running that I will talk about later. You guys know I have been thinking about my form and HOW I run (you can read my post on my form and foot strike here) but I am also trying to move to a more minimalist running style. These are the first step, they are the Nike Free 7.

I liked them very, very much when I ran in them. Like Joanie loves Chachi kind of like. 

My times today for 5 single mile repeats were: 

  • 7:17
  • 7:42
  • 7:49 - The three times above are unheard of for me!
  • 8:22
  • 8:36

In 7th grade, ONCE, I ran a 7:14 min mile and I was told that it was a "short" mile at that. That was the fastest I had run in my Cross Country career, since high school I have been a solid 9 minute - ish mile when I race (anywhere from 3-13 miles). But even just running a single mile, fast for me is breaking into the upper 8's. I was FLOORED today when I got these times.

The first one I thought it was the same as before, I went crazy out the gate, but to hit the 7's twice more? I was more than happy...Maybe my race time on the 24th will be better than I am anticipating. Maybe it's the shoes, maybe it isn't JUST the shoes.

Have you surprised the living daylights out of yourself with your running - either distance or times recently? 
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