Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Challenge Obesity 5k

You guys know I love running and you have seen me talk about races, times, good paces, less than lovely runs and what it means to get out there and just run without the ipod, the watch or any of the gadgets, because of the LOVE of the run.

I love running not for how well I perform or as a way to keep in shape. I don't love the good paces or the medals at races (although they are a nice perk!). I love running because it is a true part of who I am. It centers me, It gives me time to pray, to think things through in my head, to challenge myself in so many ways, to be disciplined, to learn kindness for self and in turn others. I love the strength I find in it, physically and mentally.  I love running because it can help others and change lives. We run to raise money, we run to raise awareness and we run for those who can't run at all... It's all for the Love....


This coming Saturday April 17th a bunch of the Minnesota bloggers are banding together at the call of Jen, Prior Fat Girl and running the Challenge Obesity 5k. Six years ago I was over weight, I was 161 pounds and on my 5 foot three-ish frame, it was way too much. My Mom was straight with me that it wasn't about looking good, NOW it was about my health. 



It's an epidemic (so we have heard right?? ) and the numbers are scary!! 

Obesity is the most prevalent, fatal, chronic, relapsing disorder of the 21st century. Obesity is a leading cause of United States mortality, morbidity, disability, healthcare utilization and healthcare costs. It is likely that the increase in obesity will strain our healthcare system with millions of additional cases of diabetes, heart disease and disability.

Obesity is a disease that affects over one-third of the adult American population (approximately 72 million Americans). The number of overweight and obese Americans has increased since 1960, a trend that shows no sign of slowing down. Today, 66.3 percent of adult Americans (about 200 million) are categorized as being overweight or obese. Since 1960, adult Americans have increased average heights by 1 inch and average weight by 25 pounds. 

Each year, obesity causes at least 112,000 excess deaths in the US.² A study published in the August 24, 2006 New England Journal of Medicine showed increase risk of death among both men and women who were overweight but not obese. Obesity has been associated with numerous, adverse health effects. They include: type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, gallstones, fatty liver disease, sleep apnea, GERD, stress incontinence, heart failure, degenerative joint disease, birth defects, miscarriages, asthma... [source]

Factors that can put someone at risk for obesity: 
Socioeconomic factors such as saftey, location, poverty
Family history and more...

So what can we do about it? MOVE. 

By joining those who have lost and are losing weight by running and walking (heck yeah!!) with them in the Challenge Obesity 5k, we are letting others know we are behind them and they can do it. If it weren't for supportive friends and family in my life, changing my life style would have been overwhelming. 

I love that running can be a part of such a wonderful quest to help others and there are SO many races and organizations to join up with!! 

What is your favorite reason you run?? 
What is your favorite charity to join forces with?? 

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