Thursday, April 22, 2010

What Should I do with my life?

Recently I started a new book: What Should I Do with my Life by Po Bronson. 
The stories are sad and inspiring, they are testaments to the will of people to succeed and an example of the human spirit! 

So many of the stories in the book echo what I have gone through recently on my own: Leaving a secure job to chase their dream, wondering if we really have the capabilities to succeed, wondering if we chose correctly. When I read the stories, I am shaking my head in empathy and even brought to tears sometimes because I can't believe a whole book of other people took the same leap of faith I did and felt the same way I do! 

When I picked this book up (I have had it for a while, my love of books/used books is in the blood!) it was for about the seventh time, but this time when I cracked it open, it really resonated with me. As I always do when I start in on a reading project, I flipped through it. On the last, blank page I found this written. Dated May 2008:

Ignore the misspelled words!! 

May 2008:
 Personal Trainer 
Sports Medicine 
Addiction Counseling
Recreation Management
Spiritual Life 
God's Path  

I listed my interest, things I wanted to do, be or focus on. What I am in awe of is that so many of these are still where my interests are today and where I am heading.  They are lasting dreams that have been in my heart and on my mind long before I wrote them down here in the book! 

 The last few, being on God's path and my spiritual life have exploded over the last year and my faith has grown since I have been on my journey!  The others on the list are in the works, or will be future options for me when my grand plan is through! 

I was so excited when I saw this list, because it was another confirmation for me that I am on the right path. In all honesty this week I have been busy, kind of tired and feeling a little run down in general. Part of that is feeling a little run down is because of all the changes I have made and all that I have taken on in just this short amount of time. But reading this list encourages me, and reading your blogs encourages me.  I just wanted to share this little find and a few words to encourage you guys. 

Everyday, putting one foot in front of the other, taking the time to prepare and move with purpose, knowing that doing what you love will reap a reward and knowing that we are capable and have the tools already around us to be successful. These are all things that we should remember when we step out in a new direction, any direction to go after the dreams we have and the life we want to lead!

Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true.

Now, time to head to the lake and clear my thinking and release some of the good ole' fashioned endorphins to brighten the day!

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