Saturday, April 24, 2010

Chester Woods Trail 10 Mile Run

I caught a bug. It's called Biophilia and it makes me want to run outside, as I drink in nature as I go. 

After reading Born to Run, I admit, I had visions of myself trucking through rugged mexican mountains, smiling laughing and munching on tortillas and chia. But, I have settled for a The Chester Woods Trail 10 Mile Run June 5th! It's my first ever trail run and I am so excited to say it is practically in my hometown!  The only "trail" running I have done is when I camp, I will take off for 30-40 minutes and go for a run on the trails. But this is much longer and I am going to tweak my training a bit. 

I hope I feel all one with nature like this Lululemon model! 

To train I am going to add a few elements into my routine! (I am going to continue to run long runs on the weekends)

Hills - adding a night of hills into my week. This will increase speed and specifically help with a hilly trail! (I was going to add this already, but ran out of time!)
Trails - I am going to do at LEAST 2 four mile trail runs before the race to get a feel for what they are like! 
Core - Adding new and improved core moves daily, to strengthen my over all stability and balance! ( I will post these!)
Aerobic capacity - Generally speaking I need a larger aerobic capacity( I often feel like my lungs are going to give before my legs will). With trail running, you expend more energy and I will need more oxygen. Enter: Jump rope. 

Shoes -  Pearl Izumi sent me a pair of their new trail running shoes: The SyncroFuel XC Trail Performance and Race!! 

I am so excited to try them out, I will post on how they feel during my training! Thank you Pearl Izumi!! 

I will post tips and pics as I train over the next month! Have you done a trail run? What do you find the most challenging part? 
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