Monday, April 26, 2010

Cross Training to the MAX!

Since I had my Half Marathon Saturday, I should have taken it a little easier than I did, but I grabbed my roller skates and hit the lake this past week! It was SO gorgeous and I had time to kill, so I decided that a few trips around the lake won out over doing dishes. 

Ta-da! Going the right way!

I consider skating cross training in the most serious sense! 

Cross Training Benefits: 
 - You get to condition different muscle groups 
while giving your most used ones a break 
- You reduce workout boredom! 
- You can be active even when injured
- Reduces risk of injury 
-  Creates a higher level of fitness overall 

Methods of Cross Training: 
jump roping
resistance training
total body conditioning
group fitness
Team or court sports 
Skating..oops... did I list that twice? 

What is your favorite way to cross train? Do you notice a reduced injury rate and a difference in your performance overall? Soon, I will be diving into a cross training method new to me...can you guess what it is?

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