Thursday, April 29, 2010

Career Change 30 day Recap!

Just over a week ago, on the 19th it was 30 days since I left my 8-5 job to take a big leap of faith, change careers and move into the field of fitness. I have had a ton of wonderful experiences so far and done some wonderful things, I NEVER would have thought I could do! 

First of all, I want to say that I am overwhelmingly BLESSED that I have been able to take the last month and only work minimally. I was blessed to be offered a good paying temp job one day a week which allowed me to focus on my 2 other goals.  I am in awe of the provision and guidance I am experiencing and have to give the shout out to GOD who is daily confirming that I am on the right path.

I have been able to use some of this time as a way to unwind and enjoy myself as well. I worked for 5 years as a receptionist, behind a desk, in an office (as I am sure many of you do as well!) and for 5 years before that, as a general Admin, or a temp in offices. I was actually experiencing job burnout, a real condition I will blog about later. 

Mini vacay days: 
I went to the Zoo with Mom

I went to Ryan's CD release party in a gallery and Microcinema, and
road tripped to chicago with the band! 

I got to hang out with my new bloggy friends!

I spent time outside in the beautiful spring air and SUN! I took time to watch
the tree's bud on my street and noticed everyday, more and more life!! 
I volunteered and have been helping with a community fundraiser!
I went running on my own and raced with friends! 
I went to See Joel Salatin speak at the U of M--lectures for fun--heck yeah! 

One of the BEST things I have been experiencing is that the "work" that I am stepping into is exciting and rewarding.  I have officially finished my internships (although I am still hanging around) and really enjoyed being at the gym and being able to observe trainers helping others and the clients striving toward their goals. It's so rewarding to show people the right way to do things to increase their results, reduce chance of injury and help them have the best experience they can at the gym. 

Plus, my second internship is at a gym that I have gone to for 6 years and where I went through my own weight loss journey! 
I have learned so much from all the people I have shadowed and worked under and look forward to working with truly talented people who challenge me and help me continue to learn. With my internship paper work turned in, I am just waiting for that final Personal Trainer Certification to come in the mail! 

Group Fitness: 
As you guys know from previous posts, I am working as a group fitness instructor! Right now I am teaching 2 days a week and going to be adding more classes soon, as my schedule allows! 
Here are the trainers that I bought to teach in, when my former co-workers gave me a gift card to buy workout clothes! Thank you!!! 


Here I am right before my class that I teach! It's a combo cardio and resistance. I want to teach Cycle, Kettlebells and bootcamp also! 

I always knew that personal training was for me because working with people one on one energizes me!!  But Group Fitness is a surprising fit because I have a natural enthusiasm that I am able to unleash and let it run rampant during the class! It's such a great fit and after 2 weeks of teaching, I am so glad that I took a chance and tried out!! If you are in the area and want to visit a class, contact me! 

Workshops & Certifications: 
I have been able to attend a punk rope workshop and become a certified instructor! It was a great experience and helping me build my resume too! Coming up, I will be attending a group fitness certification workshop through NETA and 2 workshops through my internship, these will cover: Myofascial Release and Functional Fitness. 

The Job:  
Other than the part time group fitness job and some fun work I have been doing to help a friend (temping -- if you can call helping her repot plants and organize her house temping!) I have 2 paths in front of me right now. I have been turning them both over in my mind and praying for direction. I think this is really close to happening, I stuck my neck out this week and talked to someone about working for them and am really happy with the outcome. When I have something and can tell you, I will totally let you guys know. The good thing is I have more options that expected!

Overall I feel great, I feel blessed and that my decision was exactly what I was supposed to do! Still some days I have felt a little anxious, especially the farther out from my leap I get. I don't want a 8-5 job, I would be thrilled to go to work on a Saturday or a Wednesday night, but I will be happy when I finally land somewhere and find my place!  I like to work and want to work helping people. In the last 30 days of interning, volunteering and teaching group fitness I have felt a little like I am temping everywhere! SOON, very soon! 

Thanks for listening to my update and my little job rant here at the end!

Have you ever changed careers and found it took a while to land on your feet? What is your favorite job you have had? 

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