Saturday, May 1, 2010

The rules of normal eating

Happy May day! Are you going to leave a May basket on anyone's door? 

Recently at a friends house, I picked up a book they had called The Rules of Normal Eating and when I opened it up, I really was drawn in. There was a section that talked about truths about food, or negative thoughts versus positive thoughts on food. I liked a lot of them so I jotted them down to share with you.  

This after I posted yesterday that yes, I put cream on my oats and yes, real butter on my waffles. Those aren't the healthiest of practices, but they are real ones. I don't always do that, and when I do, I strive for moderation and balance.  I hadn't had butter in the house for ages when I bought some on sale = hello toast and butter for snacks. I mean I am from a state where we carve our pageant winners busts in butter.  

But eating is as much about balance and enjoying our food as it is about fuel. If it weren't there wouldn't be food bloggers posting pictures we drool over. Food is delicious and NOT our enemy! From the book:

  • There is no such thing as good or bad quality of food, but nutritious or not. 
  • Food is only scary or dangerous if it makes you sick. *
  • Food is abundant. 
  • Food takes care of my hunger, People take care of me, I take care of myself. 
  • Food is fuel and often pleasure.
  • Food is neither friend or foe. 
  • I refuse to be ashamed of myself not matter how much or little I eat.  
  • I eat when I am hungry and stop eating when I am full or satisfied. 
  • I will stay connected to my body and not tune out my body's signals of hunger or fullness. 

What do you think of these statements? 

There were a few in the book that I didn't really think were completely on track, one said "Ignoring my body's signals will cause weight gain, not food." But I think that the signals and the KIND of food we eat go hand in hand. When we get that signal will we chose nutritious food or the non-nutritious food choice we face. On the same note, food that makes us sick doesn't have to mean immediately, but I think can mean overtime or because it lacks nutrients. Overall there were a lot of great ideas in the book.

Has anyone read the whole book? What is YOUR own rule of normal eating?  

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