Monday, May 3, 2010

Springing into action!

This past weekend was one of springing into action!! It was a beautiful spring weekend and my Mom and I took full advantage of it! The star of the weekend was this blooming crabapple tree at my Mom's!!

I was really excited to help my mom start a run / walk routine! She told me that she had been doing some running / walking on her own. She had been jogging about a half a block and then walking some. We decided to try jogging for a full minute and walking for two. Thanks to Mr. Galloway's Method! 

We went for 27 minutes total, which was nine minutes of running overall! 

Mom couldn't believe it! 
Although she gets a lot of walking in during the week she wants to get more cardio in and strengthen her heart and lungs. When she told me she had tried the run / walk method, I was so excited!! She will be doing that about 3 days a week to start. Hopefully she has a good time with it! 

We spent two great mornings at her church, one was a ladies tea to hear speaker Terri Savelle Foy who spoke from her new book "Making your Dreams Bigger than your Memories." Her message was that God doesn't want us living in the past or focusing on our mistakes, but to move forward! It was EXACTLY the message I needed to hear, and Terri is awesome too. It was a great way to spring into action and do some spring cleaning with our thoughts and visions for the next year! 

The tea was decorated with lilacs and the center pieces were purses! SO beautiful and unique!! 

We went out again this time I ran and mom rode bike next to me, we hoped to go for 60 min and went about 50! It was a nice easy pace and a great way to enjoy the day, we did just under 6 miles! 

However the last half mile or so we really pushed it and pretty much collapsed where we started. 
Do we look tired???
OK, this is posed. But still kind of funny...I can't keep a straight face!

You can see my half marathon knee injury is getting better! But over all my knees are a jumble of tomboy scars. Hmph. 

We took a few more pics under the beautiful tree...chances are all the blossoms will be gone in the next 2 weeks! I am glad I got to see it before the blossoms fell, I love that tree! The smell can take me right back to 7th grade... 

What are you doing to spring into action this week and move forward with your fitness or your goals? 
I am going to create a version of a vision "book", go for one long run, one trail run, and spend some serious time on a project that needs my attention!

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