Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Luncho & the vegetarian question

Today's lunch was great, it was my own little Cinco de Mayo celebration! 

Mexican siesta wrap with: 

morning star sausage
half an avocado
black olives
kidney beans
mexican cheese
raspberry chipotle salsa
Red pepper and Ezekiel sprouted wrap

This is the PERFECT avocado! The color was brilliant and it was perfectly ripe! 
I am a total wrap artist! It was fun to line everything up in a rainbow of healthy love... 

Adding more cheese and beans to the line up! 
I love it when wraps roll up just right and stay closed! 

A quarter of a cantaloupe along side of the wrap! It was a perfect Cinco de Wednesday lunch. And fuel for my Body works class tonight! 

On a side note: Have you thought of going vegetarian or are you vegetarian? 

It's something that crosses my mind often and I wonder if it isn't something I want to try. I only eat meat a few times a week, and think that It wouldn't be too big of a change for me. Earlier this week, I was looking through some old goals and found my Weight Watchers winning outcomes and in it, I mention wanting to be meatless. 

Some thoughts on WHY I would try meatless: 

1) To see if my stamina and performance improve. This is something I have heard often! I already notice a sluggish feeling when I have red meat...
2) Cut out excess animal fat and save some cash at the same time.
3) Finding alternative protein sources and bulking up on Fruits &Veggies will up the variety of nutrients in my diet!

I really like this take on becoming a vegetarian, check it out.  

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