Monday, May 10, 2010

Trail run training

Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great Mothers Day weekend! 

My weekend was a bit of a learning experience for me. I learned (or confirmed) that I eat toast when I am sad or down. I had the kind of Saturday where I didn't do ANYTHING despite having a ton on my To Do list. It was me and the couch and TOO much toast.  I have day's like that, we all do right? Kind of blue, not motivated, watching too much bad TV on the style network... for me, it usually all comes out in the wash. It could be that I don't take enough time daily to relax and take it easy, or that I stuff my stress and concerns till it all comes out in one day of me just crashing. 

Either way, Sunday was better, I headed over to Theodore Wirth Park with my friend La, from The Curvy LIfe and we tried our hands at some trail running. 

I am running my first 10 mile Trail Race June 5th! 

You can read my post here: Chester Woods 10mile trail Race. I have done many runs while camping where I am out on the trails, navigating stones, roots and wildlife, but those have always just been fun runs when I wake up with the sun! THIS time is something that I want to be prepared for! 

I feel like the Carrie Bradshaw of trail runners here. 
This shot was to show ya the trail running shoes that Pearl Izumi sent me to test and blog about! 

La and I set off into the park and it took a while to find the right trail and path to jump on! We made it and actually saw three deer in the process. It was a great start to the morning. 

Yep, that's me with the fanny pack. Always with the fanny pack. The trails were great! They were very winding and close together, but what can you expect from a park in the heart of the city. The sun through the tree's was brilliant and it was fun. 

Over all we ran 3 miles once we figured out where we were heading.

My fave picture of the day, La under the golden tree! And Check out my half marathon knee scabs....not too shabby! 

Thankfully the trails weren't muddy or filled with puddles! Some were closed though and  that was just one more obstacle on our course for the morning. 

I love this shot of me, but it makes me wonder how my running form was as I trekked the trails of the park. Anytime you are running on uneven terrain your form takes on a different purpose: gait and even foot strike change to match what your feet find underneath you. 

I am new to the technical side of this, but have these
Trail Running Tips:

  • engage your core for balance on uneven ground
  • light steps & short strides SHOULD keep you from tripping, help you adapt to the terrain and will conserve energy
  • run on your toes and up hill and lean into the hill 
  • do not lean back when running down hills--shorten your strides to keep from breaking the downhill momentum. 
  • Carry more water than you think you will need (we didn't carry any as we planned on less than 4 miles)

I am excited to see if I can't find more trails around, other than these I am planning on adding dilliberate hill training to my running, upping my core work and jump roping! As I was reading the description of the race, it said: 

The 10 mile course is a challenging route designed for experienced trail runners, with some pretty good hills mixed in.

I have my work cut out for me! 
Have a great Monday, make it a good one! 

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