Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Bad Run

Hope you guys had a great weekend and enjoyed it! Can you believe we are halfway through May? I can't!  Friday night I had a great time with some bloggers from Minneapolis! The bunch of us threw Alexa from My Tale of Two Cities a little Fiesta wedding shower! Jen, Meghan, Alexa, Cindy and me before we hit the pinata!

It was such a great night and I am so lucky to have these great new friends in my life! 

Saturday I set out for a long run! I was aiming for 14 miles, but fell short when I took a wrong turn on a new trail and cut out a lake I intended to circle! 
I ended up going 10.82 but it was not a good run. It was a beautiful day, there was new things to see and I felt properly fueled, but my body and brain were JUST not having it

I brought dried pluns and Luna sport moons! 

I felt a little tired all day, but didn't think much of it. I started out and had water, Recharge (an organic electrolyte mix) and snacks, I was feeling good for the first 3 miles or so. Then I noticed my pace slowing way down. Not to worry I thought, since it's a long run and I often allow my body to do what it needs as I train. I find that the first 2-3 miles are mentally kind of hard on me and hard to keep my body up to speed anyway. 

Mile 4-5 felt pretty good, but I could tell it was a struggle for my legs. Usually my lungs will give out before my legs will, I get tired of breathing faster than I do of moving my tooshie. But it got much harder around miles 6-7 which usually are perky miles for me, I kept the pace pretty easy and at mile 8 took some walk breaks and even some time to stretch by the lake and drink. 

I knew I was cashed and I was cranky, because I planned to circle back around the lake I missed and that was NOT going to happen.  As I turned the corner to face the last mile or so stretch in front of Lake of the Isles before I turn to head home, I decided I would walk another 200 yards or so, run to the end of the lake and walk the mile home. 

I felt like a bit of a quitter walking back that last mile in my fuel belt! I thought for sure people would look at me and think: shouldn't she be running if she's wearing that?  It's been a while since I had a bad run that got its way. Usually being tired or not in the mood to run can get pushed to the back burner and ends up fine, but not this weekend. Here is what I know: I am not a quitter. Somedays we can't control what happens or how we feel. I am proud of what I did do, 10.82 miles is nothing to sneeze at. And tomorrow is a new day! 

Four things you can learn from a bad run: 

1) Look for signs other than your body: Did you do something different that maybe didn't work? A gel you hadn't used before, a pre run meal that you wondered about? Too little sleep? Some runs don't have any reason, but sometimes you can find the culprit of a bad run and remedy it for next time! 

2) Listen to your body- We all know to listen to our body when we are in pain or injured, but where do we draw the line between I can't and It's not worth it?  I think knowing when we can't do more and when we don't want to do more is something we all learn over time. But knowing that if we push through mental or physical fatigue there are times when it's not worth it and those are harder to gauge.  

3) Learn to roll with the punches- some days we can tell that we aren't in the mood to run, we know we are tired, sluggish or that we need more rest. If you know that before the run, maybe go out for a brisk walk or bike ride instead, if you can avert the bad run before it happens, that's best.  If your in the middle of one, there is no shame in walking or cutting it short!

4) Take it easy- on yourself! We all have bad days and bad runs... tomorrow is a new day to continue on our path. We are not machines and can't always perform the way we want. Don't take it out on yourself, just brush off a bad run and think about times when you had  a PR or a great run and a great time. They will be back! 

I used to hate Sunday nights and now I don't mind them: I am going to read and watch a movie! What are your plans tonight to unwind?? 

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