Monday, May 17, 2010

Lyn-Lake Bike Rally

Yesterday I volunteered at my internship's spring fundraiser, the Rides of Spring, a 20 & 30 mile bike ride through South Minneapolis! It was a gorgeous day and me and one of the trainers opperated one of three workout stations on the route: Kettlebells!! 

If you think I look fresh, don't forget to watch White Chic's and Gang Signs!

Riders stop, grab some water and then we put them to work doing curls and presses with the kettlebells. It was so much fun to meet everyone on the ride and be out in the beautiful day! After all the riders came through, we tore down and headed to the finish line at the Lyn-Lake festival where there was food, music and a lot of cool booths. 

Oh and Shenanigans!

Core Update: 
My core update: Ouch! Focusing on core for my upcoming trail race has been a great challenge so far and it has only been a few days.  Friday was only about half of the work I am scheduled to do (see my new "pages" at the top of the blog for my training.) 

Here I am in my Lyn-Lake bike fest shirt, in between core!

I am really loving the bridge with ball hamstring curls because 1) it rocks the core and 2) it rocks the hammies which help to support your knees! It's a win, win situation....I am going to talk more about knees tomorrow. For now, the next two days are core-riffic! The routine of Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday is coming along nicely!

What do you always so in pictures that you think is funny? Usually I have my mouth wide open. 

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