Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting Motivated!

My week has been SO busy, I can't believe it's Friday and I have not posted as much as I have wanted too!! There is too much to say! 

Wednesday I had the chance to attend a GET Motivated business seminar in downtown at Minneapolis's Target Center. It was a day filled with amazing speakers, motivating messages and fun with my friend James a fantastic personal trainer I met at my internship! 

James and I in the Target Center! I really like talking with James because we both have big visions and big goals, we are well on our way to being rockstars in our own way. 

The speakers I REALLY enjoyed were: General Colin Powell, Tamera Lowe (who started the conference), Rudy Gulianni and the big gun of motivation: Zig Ziglar!! 

Apparently a few years back, Zig took a fall and has developed some memory issues because of it, but he and his daughter ran through a Q & A which was classic Ziglar and very inspiring to watch. It was an honor to just be in the same arena with someone like Zig, knowing all the people he has influenced and all the positive messages he has delivered.   

Tiny Zig on a stage! 

We had lunch at a pizza joint in downtown where we both rocked YUMMY salads and tweeted and talked. James is addicted to his Crack-berry!  Caught red handed!

I LOVE their garden salad, it's huge and healthy! 
I used to spend more time in downtown Minneapolis, especially when I worked there. The Target Center is across the street from First Avenue, the club where Prince filmed Purple Rain. Many a concert has been enjoyed there, it's a hoppin' place! 

Speaking of my internship, (I am careful not to name places by name!) I had been spending time there, even after my internship hours were logged and my certification arrived in the mail. I wanted to show up and step out the process. I put in an application to work there and in conjunction with that, there has been a lot of ACTION goin' on! 

Most training jobs are part-time gigs, so as I wait, I am also networking, meeting and speaking with others about more opportunities for the kind of work I want to move into-- my life's work!  I have so many options that are coming up, I almost don't know what do think--I KNOW it's blessings being poured over me! My Hot Action file though is overflowing with things to do and people to connect with! WELL, in some wonderful news, I was hired at my internship!! OFFICIALLY! 

I am SO happy, I feel like I am at home there, I love the people already and know that they will help me learn, grow and give me many more opportunities that fit who I am. The best part is working somewhere where we share the same vision! Tomorrow is actually my first shift! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for reading you guys and Happy Friday! My POM Recipe for this week will be posted over the weekend! 

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