Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Hills Part 3: over the hills, through the woods

I have one week till my first official trail race, the Chester Woods 10 mile!! 

Friday morning I ventured out with my buddy Shannon (who I met once and then became FB buddies!) & her friend Paul for a 7-8 mile trail run at Lebanon Hills park in a suburb of Minneapolis. Just a few weeks ago, I ran some trails at an Urban park, but Lebanon Hills is definitely suburban which lends itself to trail running done right!!  

I wore my Pearl Izumi Syncro Fuel XC trail shoes which I love coupled with my recovery socks for compression to reduce fatigue and to protect from any wayward plants, burrs, bugs or what not's crowding the trails! 

Action Shot! 

Shannon is a spin instructor at a metro YMCA and a great runner, she has a half marathon coming up and loves running trails to prep! Isn't the visitor center wonderful with the plants on the roof? It was a beautiful park and a great morning! 

More beautiful action shots of our trails, not all were this wide, but we were cookin' right along and I didn't want to lose my groove by taking pics! After running with these two I am inspired to amp up my pace and really challenge myself!  Word up fanny pack! 

There were a few really picturesque clearings like the one below!

Do you run alone or with others? I have been really blessed lately to get some running in with a few small groups! I think there are definite advantages to running with others: 

Safety: running in remote areas, at night or in unfamiliar place in groups is safer than alone

Pace: Gives yourself a chance to challenge your pace if you run with people who are faster

Conversation:  as much as I love running and thinking, I also love talking to friends, you can pass the time and a ton of miles with good conversation! 

Change: Just mixing up where you run and who you run with can keep your workouts fresh and both groups can expand their route repertoire

Have a GREAT holiday weekend and be safe with your festivities!! 

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