Thursday, June 10, 2010


Hey guys! Sorry for a few days of not posting, my world has been in a bit of a whirlwind--a good thing I think! I have been working hard to pull a few things together and working a lot on some business plans! 

I feel like the more I dive into being a fitness professional and the more I learn, the less I realize I know! Some days it feels a little like treading water: working, teaching, working on my business, networking about opportunities, doing fundraising for my big race I announced this week and maybe doing one other thing to move ahead: reading an article or blogging a bit, cleaning (what's that??)!  

Something that has been happening to me lately is I keep hearing the story of Roger Bannister the first man to break the four minute mile barrier. I believe when we hear or see something over and over, it is meant for us to pay attention to it--take notice! So this week when for the third time, I heard a reference to breaking that barrier, I sat up and took notice. 

For years people in the athletic and scientific community thought it was impossible to run a sub four minute mile and for years people tried! Bannister tried over and over inching closer with times like 4:10.6, 4:03.6, 4:02, but not under. Then in May of 1954, Bannister ran a 3:59.4 shattering a barrier everyone around him thought impossible. Just 46 days later, his time was bet and in the 3 years to follow more than 15 other athletes ran a sub four minute mile also. 

So what, am I thinking of trying to run that fast? No...I am thinking of the fact that once that physical barrier was broken, the mental barrier of running that fast faded away as well. One person did it and then soon, many, many people did! 

So often the barriers we face can be broken either by our actions or by others, but the idea is that once a barrier is down, anyone can go through it. 

I feel like I am facing some barriers right now-- are you? Something I have learned in life, that I don't always like to remember is that everyday there can be new barriers and just when we think we have something licked, a new one comes along and we feel like our path is blocked. We can't see around the barrier to the other side where we are heading. How do we move forward and get through? 

1) Focus on your destination, your solution. 
Not that we shouldn't pay attention to where we are and take the steps we need to take, by all means, but never lose sight of our destination. And even when we feel like saying, "This is not going to work!" Say instead "I will reach that goal, I can see myself getting closer!" Even when is SO hard to break down and say "I just can't drink all that water, it's just so hard to eat healthy or I will never run that fast" we need to focus on where we are going and say "I am drinking more water than yesterday, I love eating healthy and I can run as fast as I want to. " Sounds corny, but it works! 

2) Find someone who has broken the barrier you are facing: 
Someone who has lost more weight than you want to
Someone who runs as fast or as far as you want to
Someone who has the kind of career you want
Someone who has the kind of relationship you want to be in
Someone who has gone back to school, mended a relationship, or learned how to cook healthy... what ever it is you are striving for, find someone who has broken that barrier and talk to them. Ask them how they did it, get their feedback on your situation and be around them. 

3) Make up your mind. Don't have that goal you hold dear turn into a "I hope, I wanted to or I WAS going to." Aside from focusing on the destination we need to make up our minds and convince ourselves that we can succeed. Roger Bannister knew he could run a sub four minute mile. He was convinced even if no one around him was. Sometimes our biggest supporter on this earth is ourself, even David in the bible had to encourage himself and he was a powerful king, but sometimes people won't see our goals, dreams and visions the same as we do. Don't let your mind be a barrier bigger than the one you are facing. Make up your mind you will succeed and then get to WORK!! 

4) Never ever give up. Never EVER. If a barrier has been broken anyone can go through it and we can all be barrier breakers in our lives and encourage others with OUR successes! 

What barriers have you broken that you are proud of and how did you do it? 
Hope your having a great week! 

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