Monday, June 21, 2010

Natural Cold Care

This weekend I spent a big chunk working and a big chunk warding off a cold with some good ole fashioned natural remedies!  And some down right good ones! 

Green Monsters: I was averaging 2 a day as I was teaching & needed to be at the gym around potential clients! 

Saturday night I broke out my liquid Echinacea & Goldenseal! It's great to hit the sluggish feeling or germs right away with this, I may have been a little late, but it helps nonetheless! A few drops to one full dropper in your water and your set! It doesn't taste great though! 

I was also adding pure peppermint essential oil from Young Living, to hot water, for a very strong and effective tea. Peppermint which is usually associated with treating an upset stomach or digestive issues, may have some anti-viral and antibacterial properties as well. Plus it makes a delicious tea! 

Yogi Peach Detox, only because I didn't have some of my Traditional Medicinal Tea's that I love for colds and wellness. But it's good and it does the trick! 

Rest, Rest, Rest, (could have done more!) Water, Water, Water. 

I had a ton of water, a ton of tea and spent most of the day Sunday on the couch resting and trying not to spread my germs to the kitties. (WHY don't animals catch our colds? Anyone have an answer?) Plus I wanted to wear my sweet headband and this was what I came up with, on the couch all droopy eyed and bed head! 

I wanted to say a big thanks to Jen over at Prior Fat Girl for a super cute gift she gave me!! A few tee shirts and a really CUTE Tea Wallet!! I love the tea shirt that says karma warrior.

Thanks Jen! Hope you guys had a great weekend out there and had a chance to check out some of the giveaways I posted--there are SO many good ones out there! 

Here's to a happy & healthy Monday!

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