Monday, July 5, 2010

4th of July recap & Anniversary Week!

Happy Monday, I hope you guys had a great and safe holiday--mine was a day mixed with work and fun! BUT before I give you this little picture recap of the 4th, I wanted to let you know that this week, Thursday is a ONE YEAR anniversary of Fit this, girl! I can't believe it, so much has happened over the last 365 days!'s a run down of this week's posts! 

  • TWO raffles- Tuesday and Thursday ( a BIG one Thursday!)
  • Affirmations & a year recap
  • The night I knew I had to get healthy
  • A tri-swim class recap & learning to use all of our resources... ! 
On to July 4th! I spent the first part of the morning teaching at the gym, then home doing paper work for my business, I have my first consultation today and quite a bit of interest! After teaching, working from home & hitting up Kinko's I headed over to Adam's house for some grilling and fun! 

Adam, Jennifer, Jason and Dave were there, we spent 
A LOT of time talking about "the good ole days!" 

Jenn brought fantastic salads, the first a quinoa, strawberry, cucumber salad that tops spinach and has an asian dressing! I also had roasted veggies and a cheddar bacon burger. I actually had twice this amount of food, I ate this plate then went back for seconds and the other half of the burger--I was HANGRY!  

Mary's Gone Crackers and some fresh avacado for dipping! 

This is Jennifer's coveted apple, caramel, marshmallow salad!

This year we headed downtown Minneapolis to watch the fireworks along the river and go to the Ten Second Film Festival afterwards. 

The Mississippi Mile! We walked up and down Main Street waiting for dusk and enjoying the river! 

I had to take like 20 pics of the Minneapolis skyline to get this picture and I didn't even NOTICE the power lines--#fail! 

The fireworks were great and reminded me how much I love watching fireworks. Some of my best memories as a kid were eating popcorn and watching them at my elementary school and in High School! 

On a strange little note, I wanted to show you some pics of When resistance bands "go wrong" or snap in bootcamp class! Today when I was teaching, we were pulling each other around the room with resistance bands. 

My partner and I were each caught in the snap when the band broke-- she had a welt on her hand and I had this huge welt on my leg! The first picture was about 2 hours after the second picture about 12 hours later. 

YIKES! I haven't had a welt like that since skating in derby! It's swollen and has a big bruise around it too! I always take a pinch of pride in my wounds, but this may not really count. :) 

Have you guys been injured from gym equipment? Or ever had something break while you were using it? Bands gone bad? Balance ball blowouts? Do tell... 

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