Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blogiversary Lunch and the weekend!

Hey you guys, I hope you are having a GREAT start to your week!! I had a great weekend and  hit the ground running, so my blog took a bit of a back seat. Yikes!! Thanks for checking in and HALLO! to new readers, there are a few of you, I would love to hear from you, pop in comments and say holla! 

Last Thursday I went out for lunch with my Dad, it was my Blogiversary! It was a nice way to celebrate! We went to a great brunch joint called The Egg and I in Minneapolis! 

I SPLURGED and got the eggs benedict, not very healthy, but I had them add spinach, under all that sauce! I ate about half and thank goodness there was a little color on the plate! 

Dad and I outside The Egg and I! 

Then on Friday I was able to attend a conference in St. Paul to hear a great speaker and pastor, Joyce Meyer. She is a Christian speaker who ministers to people in pain, who are facing difficult challenges and encourages us to find JOY in everyday through our relationship with God. She's part pastor, part motivational speaker and ALL sassy mom on that stage! It was a great time. This was the worship service, the band there was Phil Wickham. 


Afterwards we went to Grand Ole Creamery a WONDERFUL Ice Cream place in St. Paul where they make everything there, including their Waffle cones! YUM!

I had a flavor called Coffee Break (of course) which was coffee ice cream with oreo's and caramel mixed in. WOW. I felt like I had to get the waffle cone, the girl making them was just so sweet! :)

My buddy Ryan and his parents came out for the night too! Hello gang! 

Mom and I waiting in line for Ice Cream, we LOVE anything that comes in a cone. 

The rest of the weekend was good and busy with a training for work all day Saturday and working on Sunday! I DID however get my Mom and I matching bracelets that are pink onyx and have a little silver charm that says LOVE (the picture is horrible, it was from my phone! They are a reminder that the LOVE of God is all we need: it is where our salvation is and our grace, it is where we run to for shelter and it is where our power to live joy-filled lives come from. It's what we pass on and it's what TRANSFORMS lives!! 

I am sure you have noticed a change in my blog even in the last 3 months with how I talk about my faith, that's because I have been growing so much in my beliefs that it's just saturating more and more of my life. Hope you guys find encouragement in it and if you have any questions about it, or want to vent at me for going all GOD , all the time, drop me an email! :) 

What takes a backseat in your life when schedules get too full? Mine is blogging and eating right! 
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