Friday, July 16, 2010

Swimming Lesson #2 and a bike ride!

Week two of Triathlon Training swim lessons are done and they were great! I am more and more encouraged that I will be able to do alright at the TRI! I am just happy and excited to be able to actually do a race like The St. Paul Triathlon

Before my lesson, I had a half a Chocolate Coconut Larabar! I LOVE Larabar's--they are raw and all natural and they are the cheapest "energy bar" at the store! All natural and no chemicals and they are the cheapest, PLUS a great source for our athletic needs! 



Not my bike Murray, I hit up a stationary bike at the gym so I could swim and bike back to back for 38 min and not have to bike through 3 miles of traffic and stoplights first. Plus it gave me some time to read: 

Have you read this book? It's all about the nature of people and how to really touch other lives and connect with people on a genuine level. It's not overly self-helpish--it's a great read so far, check it out! 

Bike face! I am using to biking all over and I may ride between 5-12 miles a day as I commute, but I rarely ride more than 5 miles at one time! 38 min on the bike was buckling down and I had to move my resistance up and down a number of times! 

I went 38 minutes which came out to be 9.9 miles. A little slow, but I don't normally use the stationary bike--I think I was phoning it in a bit! Either way, I put in my time, so all is well with me! I ended my night with a trip to target before I biked home (oh the irony!! It's only a mile!) 

I got some chocolate milk! A perfect mix of carbs/protein for after a workout! And I was taunted by the sweet hipster duds at Target! I SO badly wanted this cute bike shirt...but alas, don't need it, I have a yellow bike shirt that I made myself! Still... 

Do you phone it in at the gym, not work your hardest on a machine when you would work harder outside?? 

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