Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lessons from Swimming: Lesson #3

This week has been good but VERY busy! Are you sick of me starting my blog posts with that? I can't wait to be on a better blogging schedule, I have had so many great things happen lately and am TOO busy to share! BOO!

This week was my third official swim lesson! And I have learned a lot and improved a lot! Lesson #1 Better late than never. I was 15 min late to a 40 min lesson and went anyway! There is always time to learn and time to improve!

Lesson #2: Your head is your anchor. I am gaining body awareness in the water as I swim and I learned that if I push my face/ head deliberately down, my back end comes up and it is easier to swim! Before, I felt like I was DRAGGING my body along.

That's just like LIFE!! If we use our head as our anchor, think positive thoughts, encourage ourselves, stay focused on those things that are good and right and pure then we won't just DRAG our bodies through life, our head will help us and we will be more successful! We can move with purpose, just like in the pool!

Lesson #3: PRACTICE, practice, practice! Even if it was only 25 min in the pool, I could still feel that there were little things that were improving. Putting in the time and paying my dues in the pool is paying off!

A little food love over here! Greek God's Strawberry Honey yogurt is Ah-May-zing. I love Greek Gods and only use about 2 table spoons at a time since it is not a low fat product! That is all you need though, it is so rich and good! 

With Banana, currents and nuts!

What have you practiced and improved at that you are proud of?? I am going camping this weekend and am SO excited to do an open water swim! Full report next week!

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