Friday, July 23, 2010

Revisiting the vision!

Happy Friday all! 

I have some fantastic news. Most everyone knows that I made a career change this year, I went from office receptionist to fitness professional. If you need to catch up, you can check out my announcement: Leap of Faith. Otherwise you can search for leap of faith within my blog and read everything in the series like this one on my certification and this one on showing up and putting in my time where I felt led to be!  

ANYWAY, things have been going great, I am working 3ish part-time jobs, have an active life, always changing and a lot of my mid-day's free. Well...things are still a little tight, although trainers may make good money eventually, I am just starting out. In all honesty as well, I have a bill that I put on hold to take this leap and in September I have to take that on again. So, in light of that: tight.  

But if there is ONE BIG lesson (and there are many medium ones) that I have learned from this, it's that God is my provider and my source. No matter what my checking account says, no matter how I feel, what my hourly rate is, how many clients I have etc... God is still on his throne. He is the same yesterday, today, forever and the cool thing is that if he never changes then he will forever be my source. He won't run dry and as his child that he ransomed at a great cost, he will take care of me. 

That doesn't mean that I don't have to work. 
It doesn't mean things won't be hard. 
It doesn't mean that If I have to move home (an option I didn't cross off), sell some stuff or take on 3+ jobs that he isn't there still working in my life. 
It doesn't mean making my life easy, it means making it joyful. 
It doesn't mean that I will get everything I want, it means he will meet my needs. 
It may not look like I want it too, but my needs will be met. 

But in learning all this and really, really, REALLY having to believe it. By stepping out like I did, when I did, it was my only option. It was: learn what it means to really live by faith or flounder. So, I learned to ask God, not for things I needed or wanted, but asked God to SHOW me what he wanted. I would do that. I will go there, I will take that path. 

I learned to ask
I learned to listen and then... I had to learn to obey. 
It has created a beautiful little path. 

Here's the kicker. I pulled out the vision board I made in January and it turns out that the path I have been walking on, obediently when I hear God's voice leading me...was indeed the path I wanted to be on. Because the bible does say that he will meet our needs, but that he also wants to give us the desires of our hearts. 

from the original post which is HERE

Living Fearless
God as my source
Creating a home
Having direction
Overcoming obstacles
Living Large and
Creating space in my life for what is supposed to be!

In the bottom right hand corner of the board you can see "work at home" and "I write my own job description." I forgot that I had a desire to work from home as extensively as I do.  I write and will be doing more in the near future, working from home compliments that. Being a trainer where I write my own job description compliments that. So you are thinking--What are you TALKING about? Trust. That my needs will be met, that God's love for me is big enough that he will give me things I desire as well.  

The news: 
God came through for me this past week with an amazing opportunity, one that had crossed my mind as an option months ago to ease my income and this week became a reality. A JOB 10-20 hours a week, from HOME and the compensation is more than I ever expected. This opportunity came when I would have normally been searching for help from other avenues, but I waited, to see what God would do. There was no fear in waiting, there was no panic that August 1st would come and go with no help, there was no doubt that one way or another my needs would be met. But this time he showed up the way that the mountains show up against the purple sky's of dawn: MAJESTIC and larger than life.  I will be able to excel at and focus on my personal training job at the gym and  the 1:1 business I started last month with the rest of the 20-30 hours a week I will have. 

All of this and looking back I can see that my desires and his path led to the same ending point, but getting there with peace and trust is SO much better than my way. : ) 

What have you trusted God for that he has shown up and provided? Have you ever had something provided in just the NICK of time?? 

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