Thursday, July 29, 2010

Camping Fun and recap!

Happy Thursday! What a busy week, I am SO excited that my August BOOT Camp is starting this Sunday! It will be a wonderful day with a ton of great people and some serious sweat!! 

Ok, here are some pictures of camping food to drool over... after this weekend I can CONFIRM that I eat better when I am camping than I do at home during the week! Doh! 

BBQ pulled turkey sammie, onions, sweet potato, asparagus

Grilled steak, grilled zucchini, GRILLED corn! 

Co-op chicken, sundried tomato and feta sausage and general tso's chips!

I used my sweet new bamboo silverware set, it worked wonderful all weekend, but I quickly learned that  the knife was better suited to spreading and NOT cutting. Especially things like steak. : ) I hung out with friends at the fire, in the hammock, ate great food, and got goofy with Gigantic marshmallows, made unnecessarily large and crazy smores and general shenanigans. 

Nature rocked the house, we had a very stormy Saturday interspersed with sunshine! 

We went on a number of hikes, one run and one foiled run (where I fell) and the trails were filled with wild flowers, mushrooms and butterflies! Insects too! Yikes!

The whole park was FILLED with red raspberry bushes and I ate them by the juicy handfuls, SO amazing. 

Finally--this is my idea of swimming. A pink two piece, a book, a dock and a sunny afternoon. That's changing, but I still enjoy drinking it in when I can! 

What is YOUR favorite part of camping? Mine is the food and being able to go to bed early and be unplugged! Stinky campfire clothes once home though are SO stinky!! 

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