Friday, August 13, 2010

RIP Murray, the bike

Well, Murray, my fuschia little 10 speed is no longer with us. 
I had a little run in with a BIG SUV with really big side mirrors. My back pack caught on a mirror and threw me into a parked car and then the ground. So poor little $20.00 Murray has crumpled handle bars and a very bent front tire. It would cost more to fix it than I paid for it so I am letting it go. 

RIP MURRAY. Your sweet 80's style will live in my memory forever. 

Enter : the gypsy, my gitane from 3 years ago.  

The pic is about 3 years old, the bike a gift from a friend!

It's currently in the shop for a little R&R (repair and reworking, not rest or relaxation) since it was in storage for over a year! But, by next week, I will be out and about on the gypsy once more. In the meantime I am walking and biking nearly everywhere: which takes forever compared to biking! Oh, the spoiled urban life I lead. 

Speaking of, I went to the "Uptown Market" which is open on the weekends near my house. There are crafters, artists, local farms and food and this gem: 

Yep. The best of both worlds: the bike and the blender. 
I will be honest with you, my diet has been CRAP lately. I haven't been taking time to shop, eat or cook at all, let alone in a healthy way. Too many subway subs, too many smart ones, not enough COLOR in my diet. Last night, I had a green monster though with a hefty amount of spinach, protein powder and coconut milk!  SO good... Have you tried it? Oops, should I say SO Delicious? 

Pretty green monster!! 

How many bikes do you have? I have to admit, I had three at one time, a third one is an old Schwinn cruiser with a big basket!  I have another bike announcement coming too... :) 

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