Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Before you load up!

WAY LATE....Well, I am going to give you a big long run down of my last few whirlwind days! Last week's fruit first breakfast attempts went great! 
Thursday (where I left off) was a banana and a espresso muffin.... (not pictured). It was on the go and it was not SO bad. 

Friday before heading out for a fun weekend, I met up with Holistic Health Coach, Mary Langfield for breakfast at Common Roots Cafe! I didn't have fruit, but noshed on this colorful, Lox bagel with onion, capers and heirloom tomatoes! DeLISH! 

Mary's quite the dish too! We had a WONDERFUL chat all about life, food, fitness, work! She is a wellspring of insight into starting a small business and making your vision plain as well. And she's fun to be around!  Mary helps people connect with their food and health habits and works to create healthy patterns with eating and life! Check her out! 

I spent a few days with my Mom, relaxing and I created a little strength training program for her. We talked about the importance of Core Conditioning which her Chiropractor is having her do as well. 

Saturday Breakfast: a little cereal & fruit! 

Before you LOAD up!

Many times people jump into a strength training program from scratch! If a person is new to strength training and even fitness in general, there are some very specific techniques to address first: 
  • Stability
  • Movement and 
  • Core Strength

Many times people have no concept of how their bodies move and how to engage certain muscles. In this society especially there can be a mind/ body disconnect. People who don't like their body, who have been through trauma or who have just never had to connect their mind and body need to start their focus on movement, stability and flexibility. 

Adding a stability ball or a Bosu to MOST exercises add extra challenge with balance and in turn core muscles. The muscles are forced to engage to keep stable while doing the exercise. You can work on balancing exercises on the stability ball or just with body weight such as standing on 1 leg and performing a simple exercise. This helps build strength on the ground level in the form of stability and movement before loading on weight. 

Focusing on movement such as what it FEELS like to lift your hips, engage your core and squeeze your glutes all at the same time and ALL while on a core ball is a great example of combining these key elements into a single challenging ball bridge! (Go Mom!)  

Get connected to your body's way of moving and how your muscles work and contract as you go throughout your day. When you work out, think about the muscles you are using, concentrate on those biceps, squeeze and contract as you work and you will recruit more muscle fiber than if you zone out and go through the motions. 

Find your mind, body connection at the ground level before you load up!  

Ok, on a fun little note, I got to see some family over the weekend and my niece gave me a copy of the book that she just self-published! Way to go girl, you beat your Aunt to the bookstore!! She is such a great kid and fun to be around! Congrats Mandy!


Do you add Stability and balance moves into your training routine? Can you tell a difference in your daily activity? 

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