Friday, September 3, 2010

Reusable bag love and A RUN!!

I LOVE bags!! Purses, totes, name it, I love it! But while I heart all kinds of bags, I really heart functional bags! Meet CHICO!

Environmentally friendly, 
completely recycled & permanently hip! 

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The Original rePETe™ is made of machine washable recycled PET material and weighs only 1.5 ounces.  Available in five nature-inspired colors and holding up to twenty-five pounds, the Original rePETe™ is the perfect reusable bag for all eco-conscious consumers! 

It stuffs into its own little attached pouch and you can toss it in your purse or backpack so you are never without your reusable bag!! Hook it to your fuel belt as you run and stop at the Farmers Market on your way home! 

Speaking of RUNNING! Yay, I went on a pain free run yesterday and it felt great! Incase you didn't know or hadn't read, I have sprained my left ankle about 3 times since my camping trip about a month ago or so. I have been icing and had a chiro visit, I have also been rehabbing a little with calf raises and spelling the alphabet! 

Yesterday's run went very well, it was about 3.25 miles which is minimal compared to where I should be for marathon training ( I am about 3-4 weeks behind because of the ankle!) BUT, I am not concerned, I will be able to catch up as long as my healing stays on course! 

 I can't wait to blog about my official Marathon Training, I am so excited for my first Marathon, longest race yet!! 

Do you LOVE the black socks? I feel like a nerdy Dad out mowing the lawn!  Early morning runs with the training group resume for me next Wednesday and I will be leading a running group at work too! A lot to look forward to and a lot of miles on my plate--I am hungry for it! 

What reusable bags to you love best? What is the most creative recycled item you use? me? I hardly buy new clothes ever, even workout items--recycled and thrifted all the way! 

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