Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Vacay blues

I was camping this weekend and it was SO much fun! I went up north FOUR hours to the iron range of MN! It was a blast, the weather was coool and down right cold the first day and night there, but I was layered up with long underwear and smart wool! 

My friend Alyssa and I enjoying the hiking and the SUN! We took a nice long hike that was about 4 hours to make up for the marshmallows and breakfast bacon consumed. Camping definitely rocks.  

I was able to go for another run while I was camping, no pics sorry, but it was a solid 30 min, again with no pain and am officially starting my Marathon training this week, happy to say!! Didn't know I was running a marathon? I announced it EARLY this spring...! It's the Honolulu Marathon in December and I am raising money for charity as I train!! 

Awesome sign up north in the state park: Breath[e] Pine Air. 

Do you ever come home from a vacation, a cabin visit or camping and get a little BLUE after? I do. Even when I am so excited to be on my career adventure, there is something about getting back to the grind that is a little hard after such a good weekend or vacation away! 

I always have to remind myself that even those people that "work" at resorts, at parks and all the places I love to go aren't having a vacation like I am! Even there they are working! If I moved to the boondocks and got a job at a state park, it would still be my job, I would still have to go on mornings I would rather sleep and clock in when I would rather be off doing my own thing. 

I remind myself everyday that I am doing FUN things. I get to teach fitness, help people work out, help people meet their goals, work out myself and work from home-- you don't get much better than that in my book!! I need to remember how blessed I am and how FUN my "work" is when I come home from a great weekend and get those vacay blues. There. Said.  

What do YOU remind yourself daily to keep your chin up?? 
Remember, The difference between being buried and being planted is the the expectation of what will happen next! 

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