Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Running Club & being an on purpose person!

I finally made it to the new Minnesota Twins OUTDOOR stadium! Ever since I can remember the MN Twins have played in the Hubert Humphrey Metrodome, an indoor stadium that stands out like a cupcake top on the skyline! 

Target Field though, is not on the edge of downtown, it is in the heart of downtown, it is huge, beautiful and I have heard that people can see the games from their office buildings! It was really my first outdoor baseball experience and it was ripe with FUN! We had rain, we had shine, we had wind and sun...  

View from inside out to downtown

Best seats in the house!

We could even see downtown from our seats!

baseball of course!

It was such a great game and fun experience, if I can watch any sport, it's baseball. I understand it, I enjoy it and it gives me an excuse to eat hot dogs. Perfect. Sport.  THANKS to my brother John for getting the tickets and for a great day out!

I am so proud to be part of the NEW running club at work! Actually myself and another trainer "started" it back up after it fell away a few years ago. It's going to be so much fun to get members together for running! I have so many fun events swirling in my head. For the time being though, I am SO pumped to be running!! 

I ran with the first group ever, then went out on my own for a few more miles and ran 7.44 total! I am feeling great, but am "icing" my ankle and using resistance bands for strengthening after I get home. Here I am with some Santa Fe Rice--Yum and GOOD for my ankle! 

Exercise your faith! 
I have been thinking about exercising my faith. I am reminded almost daily that I have a part to play in the strength of my faith. When we do what we can, exercise our faith, God will direct our steps and will lead us as we step forward. 

I can FEEL my muscles will be sore tomorrow after my first long run in a while. Why? Because I haven't exercised my muscles like that for a while. I haven't used them for that far or that long in over a month. They aren't quite used to it, but that doesn't mean we can't do it. It is, in-fact the only way to grow our muscles. We push them and stress them, we plan a work out, we put our muscles to the test, they tear and then they repair. It's growth. 

Faith is the same way. You can believe in God and go to church on Sunday's. You can be nice to people, be a good person and not break any laws. BUT, are you exercising it? I once heard a pastor say, "If you think the bible is boring, it's cuz you're not DOING IT!" We need to DO it. We should actively Love our neighbor, go out of our way to practice prayer, we should spend time reading the bible--the more we do it, the more we will want to. Spending time getting to know God is filled with spiritual endorphins! 

 We need to stretch our faith, believe that God wants to do GREAT things for us and seek after him as if we are chasing him down! We need to believe that if we are going through a trial, we will come out even STRONGER, that we will grow because of it. 

Even if all you do is decide that you WILL believe that God loves you, if we can believe that and have faith even in that detail, that will strengthen our faith. 

It's all part of being a healthy whole person...what good is it if we are strong on the outside and weak inside? Let's try this weekend and coming week to be an on purpose person and exercise our faith!!  

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