Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Run at Work Day!

I wanted to let you know so you can ORGANIZE an outing!! Does anyone already run, walk or workout with co-workers? 

Attached is a poster to print out and organize people to get moving! 

Exercise does the following amazing things for us: 

Gives us more energy! More energy means we can get more projects checked off, more work done in shorter time and we can work LESS. Basically by taking part in Run at Work Day, you are moving us toward a 30 hour work week just like Europeans. Fresh! 

Makes us happier!  Enough of those Negative Nancy's in the office--get them running stairs or  sprints from the front desk to the large conference room. They release endorphins, smile more, are nicer to people and bring more business in. That's right, happy running co-workers are the best ROI you will ever have! 

Boosts productivity! It's a proven fact that people get more done in an office when music is playing, and it's proven also that releasing stress and exerting energy makes us more mentally focused on the job. Getting your co-workers to run for 30 min over their lunch break will make them lean mean, productivity machines!  

Options: Run the stairwells in your office building
Run around the block outside
Move the conference table and run killers and high knees
Map a 5k course from the office and back and do a relay
Form a lunch break running club 
Run to a city park, have lunch and run back 
REGARDLESS of what you do... 

Get out and run on Friday and take some people with you! Start a running revolution at work! 

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