Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Functional Fitness & my path

Hey you guys, happy FALL! No joke, it's really cooled off here in Minnesota, are you cooler too? I miss the warm days, I admit it. A big part of me wants to live somewhere sunny and 70 year round, but the other part would miss the winter and snow. 

A while back, I was invited to come and speak to a "Functional Fitness" class  and run them through a 30 min boot camp. It was at Minnesota School of Business where long long ago in a gallexy far, far away, I was in school for Health and Exercise Science! It's part of my big long path that landed me where I am now! 

When I lost 35 pounds, fell in love with weight training and got kinda healthy, I KNEW I wanted to be a personal trainer. I enrolled at a school for an Associates Degree, even though I had my BA.  I took a number of classes online and although I did very well, I wasn't sure it was the direction I should take. I didn't go back, but instead decided that I was just going to get certified as a personal trainer. 

LIFE was in full force and certification took a back seat. I was skating for roller derby, working, but all the while feeling that I needed to make a change. I was on the travel team for Minnesota Roller Girls and decided that I would step down and work on my certification. 

The MNRG All-Stars when I was skating!

I stepped down but I DIDN'T work on my certification! I was derailed by some personal and work place challenges and still felt like I had  no direction. I applied to a different school, a second school for a different program, but because I was working full time, I was unable to start that. 

I felt like I was hitting closed door after closed door....have you ever felt that way?  I soon realized that if I wanted to move forward with my education/certification and become a fitness professional, I would have to leave my job and dive in head first! 

HERE is where that story picks up in my career change where I stepped out, DID the certification and left my corporate job. Search the blog for Leap of Faith to find all the posts! 

Since being certified and getting new jobs as a fitness professional, I haven't gone back and pursued either program. When Minnesota School of Business contacted me to come and speak to the class, it was because I met the Health and Exercise Science Department Head at the gym!!  She invited me out and then looked me up in the system to see how much of the program I went through. 

Carrie! Department head and fitness guru! 

Low and behold she tells me that after looking at my information, I was MORE than half way through the program. That put a little spark in my mind. Now that I have a more open flexible schedule, I am thinking about the possibilities of getting back into a few of these pieces of the puzzle that I haven't followed through on, be it one program or both!  

I was very blessed to be able to come to the class, lead them through a boot camp and talk about functional fitness. It was an honor and a great time! As I was talking to the class in a Q &A, they asked about what it's like to be in the work place, how I plan training sessions and group classes and client relations. 

One thing I talked about was my initial feelings of inadequacy. I told the class that if they don't know something or understand something they have all the tools to get all the answers they need, including trainers that have been in the business for years.  Then one young man piped up and said that now, I am one of those tools for students like them. I was FLATTERED, it was a very cool experience and again a huge blessing!

A great quote in the hall of the school: Habit is what keeps you going...

After that visit, I am feeling more motivated and pumped to explore my school options that have been sitting dormant for close to three years. YES, three years ago was when all of these school options were materializing. I could look at the journey and feel like I wasted the last 3 years, or I could appreciate the path I was on for it brought me here where I can see everything more clearly than I ever could have back then. 

Just like the boot camps I teach are functional and will help us live our day to day life better and stronger, I can look at the steps I have taken since March as functional as well: leading me to where I should & where I am supposed to be to be used to my fullest!  

Have you ever let opportunities slip away or sit dormant as you step out your path? Do you ever look back at your steps and see that you were guided all along the way? 

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