Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Babes in Bikeland!

I have been working hard on trying to remember to take my supplements! I take a daily vitamin, extra vitamin D and fish oil! I have been searching for a great supplement of Omega's and have a few brands on recommendation that I am going to try, but was really excited to find these awesome little "tear and squeeze" packets of Chocolate orange Omega 3's from Coromega 3!! 

They are SO good! I was pretty amazed at the flavor and I love that it is SO easy!! They say that the squeeze pack has 300% better absorption than soft gels. 

I did a very cool bike race this weekend called Babes in bikeland! 228 women raced around the whole of Minneapolis, going to 8 locations in a "scavenger hunt" style race, collecting stamps and X's for each mark they hit! After registration, we received a map of Minneapolis and a list of locations and addresses, from there, we had to figure out a route on our own! 

Officially it's called an Alley Cat race!  Alyssa has done a number of them, but I am a total Alley Cat virgin, but it was a blast! We saw huge groups of girls all over town trying to find the fastest way to the locations and back to the ending point--did we win? No way! But we had a ton of fun trying. We only got lost once and we only missed one location. 

It was about a 20 mile race overall (not counting getting a bit lost!) And it took us about 2 hours and 45 min to get to all the locations, do the "task" there for us and to the finish line! 

The ending point was a bike shop coffee house in South Mpls where they had gift bags, GOOD coffee, water and other drinks! I really enjoy the bike culture in Minneapolis--so many people like me see biking as a way of life, of transportation and enjoy the simplicity of it, the activity level it adds to your life and the community that a love of bikes creates! 

A great tasting, tiny, late night, macchiato!

Do you have alley cat races or scavenger hunt bike races in your town? Have you done one? This race was also the night of my double race day so my legs were TIRED to say the least. Sunday and Monday ended up being major rest days--I am out the door for a run right now! Peace!

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