Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Free food made me Fat!

Yep. That's right. Free food made me fat. WHY? Well, because I would get a plate, bite, bag or whatever I could grab of free food. Think about it: Those brownies waiting in the kitchen, that birthday cake your co-workers bring in, the plate of goodies or box of snacks that the vendors send over. Halloween candy, christmas cookies, winning a pizza lunch &  bags of....yes...Crunch-N-Munch. Yes. 

The Proof is in the HFC syrup! 

I got busted with a capital B the other day, at work, eating FREEE Junk food. Picture this: 

Little 'ole personal trainer me grabs a free small (does it matter?) bag of Crunch-N-Munch from a big box that a vendor or someone sent to the gym. So I take it up to the desk and munch away as I work when another trainer callls me on it. "What is THIS?" In my defense I said, it was free, downstairs and the other trainer replies "So just because it was free you had to take it and eat it..." then proceeds to read me the ingredients on the back. 

My first response? Mind your own business! Second response? You are totally right and I am eating like a bad trainer right now. Yes, it was free. That doesn't mean I have to take it. That doesn't even mean I SHOULD take it. 

1) it was free and I didn't have prepared snacks on me
2) it was convenient and I could it "under the table"
3) i was craving a treat and I gave in!
4) it didn't feel like an issue--I mean it was a gift to the office and we are a gym!

1) Free doesn't mean good food, often, it's worse for us. I need to have healthy snacks with me and the will power to chose those over other free food that isn't nutritious! 

2) After all, eating should be about fuel and nutrition as well as enjoyment. In all honesty, a bag of Crunch-N-Munch isn't THAT enjoyable. Let's face it, it kind of tasted like plastic. Aw! 

3) When I am craving a treat, I need to allow myself that or I feel deprived, but what KIND of a treat is always the key. I can have a square of dark chocolate on hand or a sweet protein drink, trail mix with little chocolate chips...something to fill my treat spot without scarfing down a bag of High Fructose Corn syrup in front of potential clients. 

4) It's about self control--I know what's good to eat and what's bad. But when I see that "FREE FOOD" I need to tell myself: 

There will always be more food. 
There will always be treats for me to have. 

I am all about moderation, but self control goes into that too. I have, in the past, eaten, without moderation, any and all free food insight. There will always be more cookies. There will always be more cake, there will always be more. 

It doesn't have to feel like desperation, in that if I don't take this, I will never get more. But sometimes it does and I need to remind myself there will always be more.  Am I down on junk food? YES. Am I down on treats? NO WAY. 

Am I down on falling into old habits? YES.
That is the old Mary, the old way of thinking about food.  
So thanks, trainer friend who I thought was a jerk at first, you helped me see(again) that free isn't REALLY free at all. It always comes with a price.

Do you ever feel like you HAVE to take or eat free food? Why? 
Do you regret it after you do? 

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