Friday, October 1, 2010

Epic skating & asking for help!

I headed out this week for a little cross training in my marathon training schedule and skated down the Greenway (run and bike trail that spans Minneapolis) and on the way, found a BRAND new, beautifully paved parking lot ! It was a perfect place to skate in big circles! 

I went about 6 miles and enjoyed every colorful min of it!! 
The leaves are changing and are SO beautiful!! The 6 miles was not counting about 15 min of circles in the parking lot!

It's a nice way to get cardio in, use different muscles and take time to think, pray and mentally sort some things through! 

The greenway has tons of gardens and community seating etc all along it. It's scenic and inspiring to know that people in the neighborhoods I am going through are taking the time to relax and garden, but also to give back to the community through beauty and sometimes produce! I guess along one patch you can rent a garden plot--how cool! 

Confession: this week was a really hard week for me. I know I am usually sunshine and unicorns, but I was going through trials this week that were proving to be pretty stressful and nearly got the best of me. I cried, I got frustrated, at one point, I yelled at God to see if he was there (he was, he was) I ate some sad calories and stayed inside my apartment nearly all day, till I had to work. 

Here's what I know: 
1) My pity party isn't any fun at all! Pity is actually a form of PRIDE and focusing on self! A problem is a problem and a trial a trial, but pity is pride and not a fun place to be. I am BLESSED to have had that pointed out to me and blessed to be able to refocus and get over it and get over myself. Even with the week I had, I can look around me and see TOO many others that are worse off. 

2) Sometimes in life, you have to ASK people for help, you have to TELL people something is wrong and that you need them. People aren't just supposed to read our minds! Sometimes  we don't realize how bad things can be for others if they don't show it.  If I need help or support, I can learn to ask for it. 

3) When I do ask for it, be it love, a listening ear or more tangible things (like a friend bringing me soup!) the people in my life DELIVER! Thank GOD for the people in my life that I cherish so much! 

4) When I don't get over the pity party, when I don't ask for help and I don't share my trials and allow others to help--it always surfaces in other areas! Upset stomach, poor food choices and the blues big time. It's not WORTH it! I don't have to face trials alone and I don't have to let them affect my life and health the way they did this week. 

DO YOU ask for help when you need it? Do you let others know what is going on in your life or hold it in and try to DEAL on your own?? When I try to deal on my own, I just get sad that no one is asking or noticing that I am struggling--how stupid is that? :P  

The other KEY element to my trial week and my blues? I didn't spend time with GOD like I should have an although I cried out to him, I failed to encourage myself that he hears my cry!! He promises that he does in Psalm 40!! It is a goal of mine to memorize this passage! 

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