Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Green Monster Mustache!

Hello! I mustache you a question!! 

Happily working my way through a big 2.5 pound bag of spinach! I had a great big green monster straight outta the blender after my 7 mile repeats this afternoon! 

Glass? I don't need no stinking GLASS!  

Do YOUI have a picture of yourself with a GM mustache?? 
Take one and SEND It and I will post them in the coming week! GO GREEN--Monster that is! (other smoothies and protein powder mixes count too--send me the goo!)

Mile repeats: 
I hate these and I love them at the same time! I had to split them in two tonight, because I had to teach boot camp in the middle. Yowza! Good but hard! I took a 2-3 min rest between each mile and aimed to run them at about a fast 5k pace!

The great outdoors:

Mile 1:  7:36
Mile 2:  7:45
Mile 3:  7:48
Mile 4:  8:25 


On treadmill: 

Mile 5:  8:06
Mile 6:  8:18
Mile 7:  8:45

Road ID and stop watch-CHECK!

I am very happy with this and know that I pushed myself with each mile! 
The last one, Mile 7, I took about 30 seconds in the middle, paused the machine and almost didn't finish. I took the speed down a number of notches and just powered through! 

Have a great day--remember we are always striving to be stronger, faster and kinder today than yesterday, so GO for it! :) 

Promises, promises!

AND, I am back. How have you guys been? I haven't even had time to make my rounds and read blogs, let alone write my own! Last week was beyond busy and stressful (thus the 2 posts--yikes!). I learned a lot about myself, how I handle stress, about my focus, about my motivation, about peace and about trust. It was a good, but very hard week. 

The beautiful thing is (and you won't get a big long sermon on all of what I learned etc. ) that FALL is channeling summer and the whole week was in the 70's! I got to enjoy it, including a very nice few fall runs with hot summer sun! Perfection! 

MY Hood, all pretty and colorful! I love the way the light is so different in fall than in summer, there is a glow to everything! 

The LAKE! So gorgeous! So close, so easily mapped out. :) 

A quick tempo run, but alas, a casualty on the way! 

A hole in the fanny pack! It's what I get for carrying all kinds of STUFF along with me on my runs! My little camera that was already suffering due to a drop during the Twin Cities marathon weekend really messed it up. Falling out of the fanny pack rip mid run, only made the shattered little screen look worse! 

But you know what? It WORKS! HA! It takes pics and transfers them to ipics and everything...you just can't see if they are good, clear or centered until you upload them. It's a little retro, but I am a little retro too, so that's ok. 

Hit me with your best shot! 

Promises Promises!! 

My Mom and I went to see the Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit, at the Minnesota Science Museum this weekend as well. Part of my weekend that was so great was spending time with both parents and having both encourage me in their own way! 

The exhibit was wonderful, it was very exciting to learn about the region where the scrolls were found, the discovery of the scrolls and the sacredness of the text themselves. The scrolls were found in caves in Israel, near the Dead Sea, in clay jars. Sacred text and Old Testament Scripture were held in the jars & the climate and conditions there were perfect to keep them preserved! 

It was a very well done exhibit: informative and moving! I was able to see a scroll thousands of years old containing passages from Isaiah, one of the most prophetic and inspiring books to me lately!  

Check out this video, Dr. Michael Wise is from my college! 

While there, in the gift shop, I bought seaweed soap, made from the Dead Sea minerals and promising to reduce cellulite and smooth skin! Do you ever believe promises like that?? I do and this isn't the first time!

Earlier this summer I bought FEEL the Knead Soap, promising to reduce "stubborn cellulite!" I don't know how MUCH difference these soaps will have on my skin, but I am always one to buy into those promises, even if I have known better from past experiences. ME? This week, I am promising to be a little more on top of responsibility, on top of taking care of myself and on top of the things that matter while letting other things fall to the way side, at least for now.

So if you are a friend, a reader, or someone in general who has been wondering what is up with me and where I am, I am here! I am back, and I am sorry I have been MIA!

What promises do you always believe, are they true and tested? 
HAVE a Blessed week!

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