Thursday, October 14, 2010

Barefoot running take one

I know, it's all the rage! It's the reason I went to a minimal shoe like my Nike Free, it's the reason I am dying to try Vibrams or even Huarachi sandles! I blogged a little about it this summer, but didn't take the time or effort to really get into it! Well, this week I did!



I took the opportunity to make my middle two miles of last nights run: Barefoot! I have run a little around the grassy edge of the lakes and trails sans shoes, but this was two intentional miles and on asphalt to boot!

I wanted to pay attention to how my legs felt, how my muscles felt, not specifically how my feet felt, because they were, well, running on pavement! Luckily the tiny rocks were few and far between since I ran on the Greenway, which cuts through town and is very well maintained.
I felt strong and I felt like my quads were engaging in a different way. I of course try to run with a mid to forefoot strike, in all honesty I don't really do that well with it! I tend to strike more flat to mid than I would like, even on this first run. I did try and focus my body over my hips a little more and shift my center so that I was leaning or falling forward a bit more. Part of me felt like I was relearning my gait and I am sure that I was slightly! My feet felt quite strong also, I thought activly about splaying my toes as I came down to strike and about driving my knee's up.

It wasn't any harder than running in my shoes, actually felt better and different on my legs. Also, my calfs were not overly sore today and I am going to attribute that to having already switched to a more minimal or reduced shoe. I did get one BABY blister on the ball of my right foot--I just need a little toughening up!

Runners feet!

I met up with my friend Nicole afterwards for a little dinner where I had a big fluffy wonderful cappuchino and grilled chicken sandwhich and greens!

A little video (a little dark) of my post run, first real barefoot experience!

October yogurt!

It's VERY October here now, no more 70 degrees Minnesota! There is a chill in the air, the leaves are down, even my breakfast is in the fall spirit! 

Papaya, nuts, dried fruit, a little chocolate covered cranberries and Chobani! 

I am off, I am running my farthest yet today, 16 miles and I will report back later on how it went! Happy trails! 

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