Friday, October 15, 2010

QUICK! An update...

Quick update! I thought I would have time to give ya'll an update on my 16miler I did on Wednesday, but I DON'T! It will have to wait till the weekend is over. WHY? Because I forgot to tell you that I am in Body Pump training all weekend! 

wait-weights rock!

I LOVE Body Pump by Les Mills and I blogged about it here! For me, it's a the closing of the circle of my fitness path, not that we are ever done, but that when I was over weight, unhealthy and unhappy, I started with Body Pump at my local gym. I was doing it 3 times a week and got results! 

Today I started a 3 day workshop certification to TEACH Pump at the same gym I started it at, the same gym I now work at and the same gym I took my weight off at. Awesome! It's SO inspiring to watch the trainer/instructor and I can't wait to load up my enthusiasm and let it rip! 

A little Les Mills Fitness Magic!

Technology on a whole seems to be at war with me at the moment, camera, phone, camera phone are all a little goofy so I will try and sneak some pics of the training, but in the meantime, YOU can watch this sweet video showing some moves and EYE will go in the living room and memorize the squat track for tomorrow bright and early! 

What is YOUR signature class that you love? 

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