Monday, October 25, 2010

Hot yoga boot camp!

So I started a week free at Core Power Yoga in Minneapolis tonight! I didn't really intend to, but I went to a boot camp "open house" which I thought was a free class to try, but it was not, so I started my one week free! 

92 degree's while kick boxing, squat jumping, Push was intense! I came home and felt like I ran 10 miles in the july heat--Woah nelly! But it was a great class, I am just not used to doing HOT classes, even my one yoga class was in the 80 degree range. 

So begins my week free of Core Power, I will be adding their yoga in along side my running (which will be ON track this week and rockin' even in the rain!) and I am excited about the benefits! So often, the hardcore girl in me wants to lift all day, run and overlook the importance of flexibility! It's something I am constantly revisiting! 

Stretching can increases and strengthen your muscles and the stronger your muscles, the lower your chance of injuring them. Stretching will also increase your flexibility by moving lactic acid from the muscles. When you increase your flexibility you increase movement and fluidity. If you’re a runner, your means your stride. Whatever your activity, when you increase flexibility, you increase speed--this could be the boost I need to revamp my running energy! 

Fun updates! 

  • Tomorrow I am going to a small business meeting/coaching session to get some help and idea's about Temple Training and Fitness! 
  • I had a coffee/walk date this weekend that I think went very, very nicely! : ) 
  • I am plotting a new, intense boot camp coming up soon! Keep those upcoming holiday pounds at bay! 

Do you have a favorite yoga class or style? Have you tried the HOT yoga or other hot classes? 

Enjoy the Silence

Again, the blog has been pretty quiet or should I say I have been! Life is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Often, the way we think the puzzle pieces of life should fit together is not at all how they do. But the picture ends up beautiful, unique and one worth framing just the same. I am humbled every day when I see how things in life happen opposite of how I planned, or different from what I wanted, only to be confronted later with God's more detailed and favorable plan for me, so much greater than I could ever even imagine. I laugh at my "little" plans I pour over and my "little" schemes of life, only to be blown away in awe and gratitude when I see all he wants to give me in place of all the worthless things I keep clinging to. 

Tonight, I put on a fundraising event that I worked so hard on!! It's all for Destination Bold and the fundraising I have been doing in conjunction with my marathon training. You can learn more about that HERE or if you feel led to donate, do that HERE!  It went off pretty well, considering it was during a Viking/Packer game that I didn't know about! Still, who WOULDN'T want to dress up and go roller skating on a Sunday night! 

Here is a picture of my friend Stacey, Myself (Dorothy from Oz!) and Josine rocking the rink! 

I really like fundraising, I love planning and coordinating and motivating people, although that last one is kind of a tough one! There is quite a coach living inside my head, wanting to help move people to give back, to find their passion, to better themselves and to push themselves, physically, emotionally and spiritually to new levels. Fundraising allows me find that coach and tap into it on a different plane than personal training. 

The running this week will be a little more structured, meaning last week after my bad 16 mile run, I was off the plan. Busy at work and my work from home and not wanting to face another potential bad run. But I had to buck up and this week I face the music, modifying my plan a little to make up for that missed milage and still creeping up but safely and without injury. It can be done, I just need to break down that barrier in my head, see that beautiful puzzle coming together that I know is the best for me. 

I will also have a ton of review this week for you and more posts that are a little more thought provoking and a little less updates on my daily to-do's (So I did this, then I did this, then I did THAT--hush up and spill some GOOD stuff!)  I'll just share the good stuff not the mundane! 

HAVE A WONDERFUL week and don't forget to in-JOY every day! 

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