Thursday, October 28, 2010

Knees? Pu-lease....

Tonight was a nice little run around the lake. It was a must do barrier for a few reasons: 
1) My bad 16 miles messed with my head and I have been struggling with the bad run vibe ever since
2) I have run into some "issues" with my knees and it is also discouraging and messing with my head. Both these things placed a big "fear" of facing more runs of a substantial distance. 

Enter: knee braces! 

Thank you, May I have another?! 

I checked for muscle imbalances, took inventory of my foot wear and where I was running (treadmills tend to KILL my knee's) and it was suggested to me to try a Jumpers Knee Strap. These are meant to improve patellar tracking by providing mild pressure to the tendon below the knee cap. 

My right knee is worse than the left, I had a bruised Patellar tendon and a sprained MCL from Roller Derby, both of which I went to PT for, but still tend to aggravate the knee. The kneecap can shift or rotate off track if the cartilage underneath is damaged or if ligaments, tendons or muscles are too loose or too tight.  My pain from it is relatively mild and I am not as bothered by other "runners" knee symptoms, but the braces worked WONDERS on my run. 

As did the giant bag of Ice afterwards and a nice little session with the foam roller. 
Foam rolling will help with loosening tight muscles that could be irritating the knee including the IT band, which is a big culprit in my world for being tight and causing concerns. 

Overall the run was great, I spent a lot of time thinking and praying as I am wont to do when I run. I am hungry for more time to just BE and spend time doing my bible study and spending time with God. My world is not the same when it's neglected. I ran by the lake closest to my house, the water was CHOPPY as Minnesota has been experiencing some amazing winds the last 2 days. It was dark and I was listening to the sound of my feet hitting the ground, my breath and the waves of the lake. It was strangely calm in the middle of the chaos and noise!  

It's funny that the lake changes so with the weather, it's dark and choppy when the wind is high, it's still and mirror like in the early morning, it's bright green and buzzing with life in the middle of the day and frozen so solid that in January, we throw parties on it. It's at the mercy of the elements and I felt a little the same over the last few weeks, at the mercy of "knee pain" I didn't want to admit or talk about, fearful thoughts about running pushing into my head confusing me. 

But unlike the lake, I can rise above the elements in my life, above my circumstance and be at peace and calm even in the most serious of storms. That peace is one of the things that God wants us to experience. It comes with faith, with belief and with ultimate trust that he is who he says he is and will do what he says he will do. Trust too that I am who he says I am: his beloved, his child, his righteousness. That is the power of his peace. Greater than any wind or wave. 

46 Days till my first Marathon! 
I am nearing my fundraising goal!! But if you are so inclined, you can donate HERE

I ended my night with the ice and a little mint pie treat from Rice Dream, I love their ice"cream" treats! Super tasty!! 

Do you wear a knee brace or any kind of brace? If YES, have you used it just till the problem is "solved" and plan to ditch it or stick with it? Happiest Thursday! 

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