Thursday, November 4, 2010

10 ways to cut 100 calories!

Hello! Welcome to all my new readers! Hope you are having a wonderful week and in-joying life to the fullest! 

Today I went to lunch and the Minneapolis Farmers Market with La from the Curvy Life! We walked downtown, we both LOVE living so close to downtown and walking all over! It was great to catch up with her and hear all the exciting things that are happening in her life! Go LA!!

We had lunch, shopped at the farmers market and enjoyed the brisk fall day! I wore my new green, animal print pashmina and got 5 dollars worth of Asian Pears, sweet potato, and yellow squash! Quite the fall fun! 

It was a great break for me as well, the past few months, I have been very, very focused on work, personal training, building my business and teaching that I forget -- I need some MARY time. I watched a movie last night, spent some time with La today and reminded myself to slow down a little bit. I could use more reminders, but am working on that. 

We went to lunch at Panera Bread, which is great for low-fat options and healthy soups--today I noticed that they list all the calories of all their items on the menu! I was impressed with that and it was fun to see the difference in the items, some of which I wouldn't have guessed were that high and I thought a bit about what I was ordering once I saw those numbers! 

Most of us look for ways to cut calories everyday, to lose weight, to maintain, to just feel more moderate in our choices. But if we don't know what 100 calories looks like, don't have nutritional information listed out or caloric value on a menu, what do we cut? 

Here are just a few tips on cutting 100 calories! 

  • Skip the whip on any fancy coffee 16-ounce drink.
  • Ditch the cheese on your sandwich, pile on the veggies!
  • Hit up the broth soups instead of the "cream of"! 
  • Leave off the buns and bread on your burgers! Sandwich it in 2 pieces of lettuce instead!
  • Eat the fruit instead of drinking the juice-orange vs. orange! 
  • Opt for a serving of pretzels instead of regular chips--you will feel full faster too!
  • Have a half cup of frozen grapes as a treat instead of frozen yogurt!
  • OR eat the frozen yogurt BUT skip the cone.
  • Pass on the butter on anything! Drizzle a little olive oil instead...
  • Split that morning bagel or muffin with your co-worker! 

Share your favorite way to cut those calories out of your meals and snacks and still feel like you are not "missing" out!
Have a HAPPY Friday, I will be posting this weekend with a marathon training update!!  

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